Still Distracted… but I got this.

Miss these blogs, but it seems like I can’t get my life on track. Like things are kinda falling apart around me and as soon as I turn around to clean up one mess, another shelf behind my back collapses and spills all over the floor. A never ending cycle. I hate feeling so disorganized and forgetful and BUSY. But I suppose complaining about it wont help much. Slowly but surely we are getting our disaster of a house under control (TAHNK YOU TO MY WONDERFUL HUSBAND JOSH!), and I just have to remember that when it comes to work I know what I am doing, I know what I NEED to do. I got this.

Besides I got a beautiful family, a steady job and fantastic friends around me.

I got this.


These two are such a ray of sunshine. The way Kyrie loves to hug her “babies.” The way Zander randomly tells me, “Mama, I love you.” The way Kyrie tries to get as close to Lexi as possible. The way Zander says “choo choo train.” The way Kyrie smiles and the way Zander giggles. I love them so much, and I am a very lucky Mom. =)


IMG_6893 IMG_7437


Life is so dang busy. And I really miss keeping this blog, but so much wins over it. Sleep, time with my kids, time with my husband, doing the dishes, sitting still and trying not to scream…. lol. Seriously though, not sure if the everyday thing will ever happen again, but here goes an attempt at not disappearing into life.

An update:

Me: Still as crazy busy as ever. Found a new love in Zumba, and really enjoying the classes at my gym. Working way too much, and it sucks a little more now that my best friend is at a different store. Oh, and I’m tired ALL THE TIME! Motherhood!!!!! WHOO HOO!

Josh: Joined a brass band at our church. He gets to play the trumpet again. He is pretty excited to go hunting next month, and his birthday is in a little under a week! BIG DAY PLANNED! =)

Allason: WAY TOO OLD TOO FAST! She is still as sweet as ever and has saved our butts lately with babysitting help.

Walker: Is a typical teenage boy. He spends his time in his room or playing video games. But he sure has a good sense of humor.

Maddie: Talk about the neighborhood star. Kids are constantly knocking on our door all week asking for her. She has been really good with Lexi lately.

Zander: In the process of potty training. He has SOOO many words now, and he loves trains and tractors. He also got his first bike!

Kyrie: What a little terror! But I think we have a dancer or a gymnast on our hands here! She does somersaults and dances non stop


The only new picture I could find of Josh.



One of the only new pics I have of me.




Kyrie dancing on the 4th of July.


Sorry I don’t have any new pics of the older three.

10 on Tuesday

10 things about today:

  1. Really enjoyed sleeping in, I love it when my kids let that happen.
  2. Hate that today is my last day of vacation.
  3. Hate even more that I have to be to work at 6 am tomorrow.
  4. Loved taking the kids to the park with Crystal and the girls.
  5. Kyrie is a total monster! She was all over that playground, and loved the slides.
  6. Really wish Josh didn’t work nights, but glad I got to spend so much time with him this past week.
  7. Definitely taking some re getting used to with my gel tips.
  8. Luckily we may have found an answer to our babysitting problems for Wednesday mornings! Allason to the rescue.
  9. Today was payday!!! Always a good thing.
  10. Still having a hard time keeping up with these posts… is it possible I may have more of a life than I imagined?

Monday Mind Dump

  • it is just as hard typing with my gel tips as I remember.
  • I think the reason I was so good at keeping up on my blog was because I had no life.
  • really sad my vacation is almost over
  • so tired… but hate not having Josh in bed with me.
  • loved spending time with Mariesa today
  • really need to post some more pics soon
  • and figure out how to clear some room on my sd card
  • need a hair cut… and an eye appointment
  • need motivation, lol
  • looking forward to a park playdate with Crystal tomorrow
  • LOVE the new liquid eyeliner I bought at Sephora’s
  • still tired… Imma get some sleep.


Catching up on Photo A Day Challenge for May: Days 12-18

Day 12: A Close Up

Day 13: In Your Bag

There is SOOO much more in my bag, but here is a sneak peak. My nametag and tie for work, allergy medicine (thank goodness), energy pills (for the nights I close), my glasses cleaning kit, sweet pea spray, my makeup bag of essentials (eyeliner, mascara, pencil sharpener, babylips and eyelash curler), my wallet, my card holder, my Burt’s Bees and my “manicure” kit (when I chew on my fingernails I don’t stop, so this is to help it).

Day 14:  Something You Are Reading


I actually just finished this book, but I loved it even if the ending did leave a lot of questions. They are a few playlists in here I plan to check out.

Day 15: Happiness


I love that these kids have their Nana. She is so wonderful and I only wish they could see her more often.

Day 16: Morning


These two are literally my alarm clock. They decide when I get up, and aside from Josh laying next to me, they are the first faces I see in the morning!

Day 17: Water


I am not one to take nature shots, so this is the best I got for water.

Day 18: Something You Bought


A new Smashbook!