Making a mess and having fun

I’m not an amazing artist. Not gonna lie there… but I certainly love to make art, do projects and create MASSIVE pinterest boards of millions of diy and fun looking art projects. (something else to add to my never ending list of To-Do’s.) But the best part of my creative side, is getting my kids involved. I want them to grow up having fun making messes, creating unique projects, and exploring the artist inside of them.
Among my bucket list of art projects to do with my kids:

1. Paint with food colored whip cream.
2. Messy twister. (You GOTTA look this one up!!! =) Trust me!)
3. A WILD array of hands and feet projects. [it’s an obsession of mine….]
4. Throwing paint filled eggs at a canvas.
5. Squirt gun painting
6. Create a painting with non traditional mediums
7. Make paint angels
8. Fingerpainting
9. Put a kid in the tub and let them paint the bath. Easy clean up to follow.
10. Have a food fight. GET MESSY!!!

I believe that letting go and having fun is very important in leading a fulfilling life, and I want to help my kids learn how to do that. And…. there may be some selfish reasons here too. I mean COME ON!!!!!! Who doesn’t like making a mess???? Us parents have to remember how to have fun too. =) And Although I plan on their Dad manning the camera for some of these, don’t think he wont be included. By choice or by sneak attack, these will be family memories to love.

Zander and Kyrie's turkey hands they made with me in the nursery today! Aren't they so cute???

Zander and Kyrie’s turkey hands they made with me in the nursery today! Aren’t they so cute???


Frame of Mind

Frame of Mind

I can not even put into words how much I agree with this. If there is one thing I hope I teach my kids, tolerance is number one. Which goes hand in hand with an open mind and acceptance. I will love my kids no matter what they are or become.

Trials of being a parent… #1-20.

Zander and Kyrie. These two will always keep me on my toes, no doubt there. But I also see very entertaining stories to come. =)

Zander and Kyrie. These two will always keep me on my toes, no doubt there. But I also see very entertaining stories to come. =)

Trial #1: When they learn how to kiss. It’s cute at first, getting a kiss goodnight or goodbye. But then it becomes a kiss, and another, and another, oh and one more. Back to back to back. Eventually you have to tell them, “No, I will not make out with you.”

Trial #2: Having kids is an expensive thing. We really need the money, so we need to work. But we can’t find a sitter and daycare costs more than we can afford. Sound familiar? It’s a never ending vicious cycle.

Trial #3: That moment when you are playing blocks with your kids. You are in the middle of making this really awesome tower, and have so far put up a good fight to keep it standing. You let your defense down for one second, confident your child is focused on something else. Next thing you know, BAM! A monster truck comes out of nowhere and blocks go flying in every direction. As you pick up the yellow rectangle to start again, you can’t help but think, ” Boys will be boys, eh?”

Trial # 4: YOU try convincing a year and a half old that a bag of cotton balls is not marshmallows. Especially after sticking one in his mouth didn’t do the trick.

Trial #5: It’s 2:16 am and you wake up to the sound of your kid screaming in the other room. You stumble out of bed, bleary eyed and still half asleep, hoping that this time they will calm down fast so you can go back to sleep. We’ve all been there. But when I am holding him and he falls back asleep in my arms… I find myself still sitting there, staring down at my beautiful boy, even though I have to get up for work in a few hours and my legs are falling asleep. And I realize I can’t remember the last time I actually stopped what I was doing and just studied him. These are the moments to hold on to.

Trial #6: No, son. It is not okay to look under dressing room doors. They are not playing hide and seek.

Trial #7: I miss actual days off. Non one is kidding when they say motherhood is a full time job.

Trial #8: That guilty feeling you get when you watch someone else’s child throw a tantrum in a grocery store and deep down you are just happy it’s not yours this time. Then you shake your head and walk away like your kid would NEVER act that way.

Trial #9: Don’t you just love when you are cleaning up the house and they follow behind you taking everything right back out. Guess they weren’t done playing with that… Or that… Or that either.

Trial #10: Attempting to decide whether that was their first “real” smile… or just another gas bubble. Because you don’t wanna write it in the baby book if it wasn’t really their first smile.

Trial #11: The days when you get so frustrated you yell into your pillow. I am lucky enough to have Josh Williams as my other half. He comes and takes them away for the night, tells me to go to sleep and that he has got it from here.

Trial # 12: Breast feeding… That is all.

Trial #13: You finally get them to sleep after hours of crying and screaming, and you really have to use the restroom. You know if you try to move them off your lap, they will wake up again… and for a moment you seriously consider just peeing your pants. But just for a moment (or two).

Trial # 14: You don’t know what you are more excited about on your first night out; The fact that you can roll down your windows and blast your music, or the fact that you have a night out.

Trial #15: Mom’s may have eyes in the back of their heads, but kids pay us back by having a sixth sense. They can tell the minute they leave our arms, no matter how fast asleep they are. So I sit, and I hold you and watch you sleep. But really, I do need to clean this house sometime.

 Trial # 16: When your kid does something wrong and you try to scold them for their behavior. But, what they did was so darn cute you can’t keep a straight face long enough to actually follow through. Ya. These are the moments we will be laughing at years from now.

Trial #17: I have mastered ten minute showers and getting ready in five. So I can spend the next thirty minutes chasing the little monsters around to get them dressed and the diaper bags packed. And I still ALWAYS forget something.

 Trial #18: Dear Zander: Yesterday you loved nuggets and fries. Today all you want is animal crackers and peanut butter. And I am just supposed to magically know this because? Apparently mind reader is a job qualification to being a mom.

 Trial #19: I swear my kids are set to go off at five minute intervals. As soon as I get one calm, the other starts in. Its ok though, I don’t really need to get those dishes done or the laundry folded. The most important thing is catering to your every whim and need…. *sigh*

 Trial #20: That hour you lay in bed trying to fall asleep at night… that’s when the kids will sleep soundly. But as soon as your eyes start to close and you are almost out; Cue the crying. Its practically guaranteed.



Let me introduce you to the members of my crazy, wonderful, sometimes aggravating, but ALWAYS wonderful family.

#1: Josh.



Josh is my husband. We haven’t been married for long. Only a few months in fact, but this man has changed my world. I met Josh at McDonald’s where we worked together. Never would have imagined that someday we would have this life together. I always imagined myself getting married, having kids, having a family… but I never knew the way my dream would come true. Josh has given me two beautiful kids of our own and willingly shares three more that call me “Morther”… (I will leave the explanation for that for some other post). This life we lead together is fantastic and stressful, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

But enough about our lives, a little more about Josh. He is my redneck romeo. Country boy at heart. He loves to hunt, fish, camp, the works. Fly fishing is a favorite of his, but honestly any of the above would make his day. Somehow he amazingly listens to as wide of a variety of music as I do. From Chris Ledoux to Nickelback to Eminem… you name it, we love it. =) Josh is a fantastic father, a great person and a husband that any woman would be lucky to have. Don’t get me wrong, I have my pet peeves about him, same as any wife does about her man, but if those are all I have to complain about… Life is good!

#2: Allason.



Allason is sparkles, unicorns and rainbows. She is a girly as they come.This girl is innocence. At almost 16, she is Josh’s oldest from a previous marriage. Let me tell you,  the kind of person she is helps restore a little bit of faith I’ve completely lost in the teenagers of her generation. She is funny, kind, creative and so much more. Allason loves Batman, make-up, fashion and scrapbooking. And my goodness that girl can make some fantastic desserts. Her laugh is contagious, and I can only hope she stays as happy, carefree and sweet as she is today.

#3: Walker.



Walker. This kid can make me laugh like no other.  He has a mind that thinks of things that I would never in a million years even consider. He loves video games (as any boy does) and thanks to him, Josh is now addicted to minecraft. He is the middle child of the three wonderful stepchildren that have become a part of my life and my heart. Walker seems to hurt himself left and right, but he definitely doesn’t let it keep him from constantly being on the move. And Josh always said Madison was the accident prone one….

#4: Madison.



Maddie is…. undefinable. This little girl has grown up so much right before my eyes since I met her 2 years ago when Josh and I started dating. She is the youngest of his three, and she reminds me a little of myself. (You couldn’t understand how scary that is to me.) This girl has enough spunk for the whole family, and enough heart for the whole world. No doubt, she is a bit of a tomboy. She loves to play with bugs, prefers boots to high heels, will rock a ‘stache any day of the week, and I am pretty sure black is among her favorite colors. We are definitely starting to see an attitude come out, probably due to the fact that she is a twelve year old girl, but she reminds me of that nursery rhyme. “When she is good she is so, so good. But when she was bad… she was as bad as can be.” Or it goes something like that. Madison is a complete sweetheart, and I have no doubt she will make a big difference in someone’s life someday.

#5: Zander.



My little boy. Well not so little anymore really. The time has flown and I can’t believe in a few short months I will be telling him happy second birthday. Zander is a whirlwind of activity, and a total goofball. I have watched him learn how to crawl, then walk, now run. I have celebrated his successes with him and fixed his failures. I have kissed his boo boos and chased him around the house. I can not put into words the feeling I get in my heart when I see his constant smiling face. His giggle is one of the best sounds in the world, and he is such a sweetheart. The other day I caught him holding hands with his baby sister and smiling at her. =) I can’t wait to see this little boy grow into the amazing young man I have no doubt he will become. But he will always be my little monkey.

#6: Kyrie.



I got lucky. One boy and one girl. What everyone wishes for right?? =) And Kyrie is definitely a wish come true. This little girl is so happy that we are always getting comments on how easy going she is. Or how “smiley” she is. And she definitely does have a constant smile on her chubby little face. Although she is only six months old, her personality is all her own. She is quite the inquisitive little girl and she positively adores Zander. In fact he was the first person she seemed to recognize. Oh and I can’t forget to mention that she is mommy’s little noisemaker. Squeals, squeaks, screams… talk about a vocal girl. Although she seems to have gotten into her head that sleep is for the weak (to the point of waking up 2-3 times a night),  Mommy still loves her and wouldn’t trade her for the world.

And not really a number, but Razzle and Lexi are a part of the family too.

Razzle is my cat and she is a typical cat with one little twist, she puts up with Zander remarkably well. Which is good, because that she is possibly one of his best friends.

Lexi is the newest addition to our family. A little black lab pup. She has only been here for a two days, but she has decided Zander is her new adopted brother and loves to tackle him and lick him till he is giggling so hard he can’t breathe.

This is my family. Wacky or not, they’re all mine, and I love them.

My family (before Kyrie was born)

My family (before Kyrie was born)

Taking the first step.

Here it goes:

I love to write. I keep journals, I write songs, I write poetry, I WRITE. However, with the busy life I lead, I have to admit I have been slacking in the writing department. Two kids, three more step kids, one husband, two jobs, a cat AND now throw a new puppy into the mix, and I think its safe to say I am one CRAZY BUSY momma. SO, I have a goal for myself. To set aside some me time.

Step 1: get internet at my house. STATUS: CHECK AND CHECK. Step 2: set up a blog. STATUS: WELL HERE WE ARE. Step 3: actually make time for it. STATUS: ok, so it’s one in the morning and I work in seven hours, but I have to start somewhere, right???

Well at any rate, I at least have it up and running. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I am not very computer smart… so this could get interesting as I learn to navigate this blog. It will be a journey, no doubt… but it will be a journey with a the outcome I need. ME TIME. =)

Tomorrow I will post again. Maybe with a prompt, maybe with a little bit about my day, maybe just a random vent session. I ma just have to say I am happy to be writing, er, typing I guess I should say. Goodnight, and see you soon.