Taking the first step.

Here it goes:

I love to write. I keep journals, I write songs, I write poetry, I WRITE. However, with the busy life I lead, I have to admit I have been slacking in the writing department. Two kids, three more step kids, one husband, two jobs, a cat AND now throw a new puppy into the mix, and I think its safe to say I am one CRAZY BUSY momma. SO, I have a goal for myself. To set aside some me time.

Step 1: get internet at my house. STATUS: CHECK AND CHECK. Step 2: set up a blog. STATUS: WELL HERE WE ARE. Step 3: actually make time for it. STATUS: ok, so it’s one in the morning and I work in seven hours, but I have to start somewhere, right???

Well at any rate, I at least have it up and running. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I am not very computer smart… so this could get interesting as I learn to navigate this blog. It will be a journey, no doubt… but it will be a journey with a the outcome I need. ME TIME. =)

Tomorrow I will post again. Maybe with a prompt, maybe with a little bit about my day, maybe just a random vent session. I ma just have to say I am happy to be writing, er, typing I guess I should say. Goodnight, and see you soon.



2 responses to “Taking the first step.

  1. Keep writing, I am waiting to see all of the writer in my daughter come out. You are awesome and I love the way you put the introduction together. It is so obvious that you have a wonderful family that you love so very very much. GOD BLESS and keep the posts coming.

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