Making a mess and having fun

I’m not an amazing artist. Not gonna lie there… but I certainly love to make art, do projects and create MASSIVE pinterest boards of millions of diy and fun looking art projects. (something else to add to my never ending list of To-Do’s.) But the best part of my creative side, is getting my kids involved. I want them to grow up having fun making messes, creating unique projects, and exploring the artist inside of them.
Among my bucket list of art projects to do with my kids:

1. Paint with food colored whip cream.
2. Messy twister. (You GOTTA look this one up!!! =) Trust me!)
3. A WILD array of hands and feet projects. [it’s an obsession of mine….]
4. Throwing paint filled eggs at a canvas.
5. Squirt gun painting
6. Create a painting with non traditional mediums
7. Make paint angels
8. Fingerpainting
9. Put a kid in the tub and let them paint the bath. Easy clean up to follow.
10. Have a food fight. GET MESSY!!!

I believe that letting go and having fun is very important in leading a fulfilling life, and I want to help my kids learn how to do that. And…. there may be some selfish reasons here too. I mean COME ON!!!!!! Who doesn’t like making a mess???? Us parents have to remember how to have fun too. =) And Although I plan on their Dad manning the camera for some of these, don’t think he wont be included. By choice or by sneak attack, these will be family memories to love.

Zander and Kyrie's turkey hands they made with me in the nursery today! Aren't they so cute???

Zander and Kyrie’s turkey hands they made with me in the nursery today! Aren’t they so cute???


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