♥This Year♥

This year will be different. No, not in a New Year’s resolution kind of way, but in a “I think we are okay now” kind of way. These last few years have been tough. No money, or no job, no car, no food, no no no no. Not this year. We are finally on our feet. Today I was so excited because we were able to buy more than just groceries when we went shopping. And that was AFTER paying the babysitter, the phone bill and putting gas in both vehicles. The cherry on top: WE STILL HAVE MONEY LEFT OVER!!!!!!! (And that was just my paycheck.) I feel like we can finally live the life I wanted to give my children. That is a fantastic feeling. 

So to celebrate, I am gonna set some blogging goals. I finally feel like I can make time for myself and there’s not much I like more than writing. So for each day of the week I am gonna set a topic. 


I have a jar of prompts I made for my own personal journal I like to keep, in an effort to help me continue to write. I may use on of these, or I may look for one online, or maybe I will even use one of the prompts I see on here all the time. I look forward to this one, it’s one of my favorite ways to write.


Every Tuesday I will post something about my family. Maybe a spotlight on a certain member. Or a reflection on something i feel strongly about that happened. Or it could just be a picture of one of us. These will just be my days to look at my family and smile, cause I have got one of the best (and nuttiest) families of them all. And that is something to honor and be thankful for. 


I have a friend who does this on her blog, and i love seeing the photos she posts. I think to keep up the variety, I will post three pictures each Wednesday. One of people, one of nature, and one random pick, whether that be abstract, another person or maybe even a shot of something I have created recently. (Just to be a little defiant, my Wednesdays will only be MOSTLY wordless. Each picture will have a caption with it.


This is another one that the a fore mentioned friend uses. I have already been trying to keep up on writing three things daily that I am thankful for. I saw something that said reflecting on things in your life to be thankful for make it a lot harder to stay negative or feel down. So for this one, I will be listing three things that week I am thankful for. 1.Family oriented. 2.Work oriented. 3. Life oriented.


Friday will be my day to write whatever I want to write. Post whatever I want to post. =) (This could also possibly mean the most boring of posts, or maybe just the most random.o.O)


This will be my day to post a quote, or phrase or something-someone-once-said-that-never-quite-left-my-mind-sorta-thing. It will be my chance to share a little bit of wisdom or strength or insight or maybe even laughter. You are all in for a treat. =)

Sundays will be my day off unless I feel the DIRE NEED to post something. Mama’s gotta rest sometime huh?


Alright, this post will be followed up with another. My first one along the new guidelines I have set. Family Tuesday.


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