Allason turned sixteen yesterday. Sweet sixteen. So in honor of that, I am going to share a few photos to celebrate how awesome and unique she is.


Allason is so random and fun loving. She is always coming up with creative and entertaining things to do. She would walk around all day with a batman mask on and have a ball with it. (No really, she lives by the words, “Always be yourself, unless you can be Barman, then always be Batman.”)


This girl never stops laughing, and it is very contagious. She has had me laughing so hard that I can barely breathe as I wipe the tears outta my eyes. Allason is a ray of sunshine, and I am blessed to have her shine in my life.


This girl is beautiful. The thought of her being sixteen is scary, and it’s hard to believe she is that grown up already. She is sure to steal a lot of hearts, and I am sure she has already stolen plenty. I just dread the day someone steals hers.


Allason can make almost any situation into something fun. The picture above with her huge smile was taken while cleaning the shelves in our house. Who smiles while they clean???? This girl does, but then again, I don’t think she ever STOPS smiling.


What a fantastic big sister. Hers was one of the first names Zander ever learned how to say, and he loves to be around her. She babysits all the time, and even plays games with all of us, instead of playing that sullen teenager role must kids her age like to play. I don’t have any pictures of her with Kyrie on this computer yet, but she is wonderful with her too. Allason is a great role model for all of her younger siblings, and I am so glad that my kids get to grow up looking up to her.


This girl can never be explained in words, and I can never explain how lucky I am to have her in my life, in my family and in my heart.

Happy sweet sixteen Allie, I can’t wait to see what you become. Thanks for letting my be a part of your life, a morther (our version of stepmother) couldn’t ask for a better step daughter.





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