3 Things That Inspire Me

  1. A sharp pencil, or really any kind of writing utensil. Markers, crayons, chalk… They all make me crawl with anticipation to leave my mark on some kind of paper! Nothing better than some art or writing to get your muse on. 
  2. Pinterest. Inspire? Yes. Actually get anywhere outside of pinning to one of my multiple boards? Seldom. But really, if I wasn’t a full time working, stretched thin for time to even SHOWER mother…. Then maybe I would manage to get a few more art projects made or a few more delicious looking meals comically failed. But in the mean time I will continue to be inspired while managing to relax on the couch in five minute intervals. (between changing the diapers, letting the dog out and making a bottle)
  3. My family. Whenever I feel ready to crawl under the covers and never come out, one look at my amazing family kicks my butt back into gear. (And if that doesn’t work, the combination of constant screams of “MOM!!!!!!!!!” and being used as a personal trampoline should do the trick.)

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