Angel Summed Up In A-Z (A long overdue introduction)

I know I never really introduced myself in all this madness, but the thing is… I really don’t like describing myself. Or talking about myself for the matter. So instead I will do this. Each letter of the alphabet with something about me, something describing me, or something generally having to do with me at all.


A- Angel. My name is Angel Nichole Williams. Formerly known by Angel Nichole Boyd. (MARRIED!!!! AND HAPPY!!) One of my best friends in high school had the same middle name as me, but she spelled it Nicole. Carrie and I have a lot of great memories, some that prolly will never be retold. But I couldn’t have made it through high school without her. She is a fantastic person, and I wish we hadn’t grown so far apart.

B- Bookworm. I love to read and I read fast. I will finish a book in a day or two hours or anywhere in between, but if it is a good book, I am terrible at putting it down. Last book read, “Emerald Green” the third book in a trilogy I was started on by my friend Betsy. On my current to read list, “The Fault in Our Stars.”


C- Chris. I have a brother named Chris. And I also have 3 sisters: Christina, Tiffany and Sabrina. Family of five. =)

D- Dan Wood. High School Sweetheart. Really thought I was gonna grow up to marry this kid. But irregardless, I learned a lot from him, and I will always love him (just not in the way I used to). It’s amazing what path your life can take compared to the road you thought you saw ahead.

E- “Every scar I have makes me who I am”

F- Family and friends. I have an amazing family and I inherited even more from my wonderful husband. =) I consider my family and friends very important, and I wish I had more time to spend with them. But ultimately, I have what I longed for; A family of my own. (To learn more, read my blog entitled, “Introductions” ===>( As for my friends, let me elaborate some more since they weren’t included in the original introduction. Mariesa is one of my best friends. She is a manage at McD’s as well, and prolly the only one who really actually gets how much that place means to me. Because it means the same to her. She had a kid(Gannon) not too long after I did, and I am so excited to watch Gannon grow up alongside my kids. Crystal is also a fellow co worker at McD’s and is an amazingly strong woman. I have watched her fight battles and overcome them like some kind of warrior. My own personal Xena. =) And there is Betsy. I met Betsy through my second job as a nursery worker for the Salvation Army. I extended my babysitting services, and in return have had the privilege of getting to know her three wonderful girls, as well as herself. Sadly, she is going through a divorce right now, but her never ending attempt to be positive is an inspiration to me, and I am happy to be here for her even if she just needs to be a pessimist for a minute or two. I have such amazing friends, and an incredible family. I am living the dream, but I couldn’t do it without all of them.

G- Garbage I’m only Happy When It Rains. Listen to the song to understand what I mean.

H- Horses. When I was a little girl I was obsessed with horses. I had tons of books, Pony Pals, Crazy About Horses, etc. I took horse back riding lessons, and almost every paper I wrote in fifth grade had to do with horses. I was pretty obsessed. But now, my favorite animal is cats.  I have one named Razzle.


I- I love you to infinity plus a pumpkin. This is a saying my little sister started with my mom, although she doesn’t remember it. But basically, nothing beats this. There is no more love then to infinity plus a pumpkin. =)

J- Joshua Neal Williams. My Husband. I described him once before in my introductions, so let me just say this. He is my redneck romeo, my sanity and rock. My strength and honestly my better half. A fantastic father, a loving man and entirely irreplaceable. 


K- Kids. Ever since I can remember I wanted babies. I dreamed about being a mom at 16. Gladly, that is not how things panned out, and I know have two children of my own and three fantastic step kids who fill my heart and home. I always dreamed of having five kids, and lookie here! Sometimes dreams do come true I suppose.

L- Lost. I am hopeless at directions. Both FOLLOWING directions and SENSE of direction. I am that girl who can ACTUALLY get lost in a round room. Josh can vouch for me. It’s terrible.

M- ♪Music♪ Music is my religion. I can’t even begin to put into words what music is for me. It’s who I am, what I want to be, everything that is right in this world. Music=Air.

N- Nail biter. I bite m nails terribly. To the point of bleeding. To the point of no nail left, so I start on the cuticle. I hate that I do it, but sometimes I don’t even notice, Especially when I am reading a book or watching a movie. The longest I ever went without doing it was when I was pregnant with Zander, but then he was born, and having a kid…. not a good bet to help stop biting your nails. lol In reality the cure is simple, I get fake nails (preferably gel) and then I can’t bite my own. Now if only it wasn’t so expensive.

O- OCD. I have a few OCD issues. Nothing, but enough that they are noticeable. Volumes have to be at a number ending in a 5 or a 0. My socks have to be on a certain feet, and although they don’t have to match in appearance they have to be the same sock as far as style goes. I rarely do my hair because I will spend forever trying to make it perfect and then give up. If it is parted it has to be EXACT. If it is in a ponytail I will redo and redo it till there are no bumps. And I can not STAND it if my hands are sticky. There are a few others, but this is my main list.

P- People Manager. I am the People Manager at McDonald’s. And McDonald’s is my home away from home. I can’t believe how much this place has come to mean to me. The friends I have made, the achievements I have made, the things I have learned. Really this place is a big mcfamily, and I there is no way to express how happy I am to be a part of it. McDonald’s is a part of me, and I wouldn’t change that for the world. I met my husband there, two of my bridesmaids work there, my GM and his wife have helped me and family through some of our toughest times, and that place has given my stability when nothing else in my life could. I am proud to work at McDonald’s and I am not afraid to say it.

Q- Quotes. I love quotes. Top 5,

  1.  “A mind is a like a parachute, it functions best when open.”
  2. “I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.”
  3. “If it’s both terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it.”
  4. “I myself am entirely made of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.”
  5. “Be who you are and say what you feel, cause those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

R-  Remembering. I had a miscarriage before Zander. We called it Tater-Tot because it was too soon to know the sex when we lost it. Losing that baby was heartbreaking and terrible. I still remember the dizziness and absolute shock at hearing Dr. Lowder say, “There’s no heartbeat.” It was only my first ultrasound, and I tried like hell to deny for as long as I could. Although the baby really was gone, I musta convinced my body, because I eventually had to go in for a DNC to have the fetus removed. My body never registered that I had a miscarriage, and it was not gonna pass on it’s own. Waking up from that procedure made pretending it hadn’t happened impossible. For still being so small, the emptiness left behind from removing it took my breath away. The tears came freely, and the despair hit me so hard I couldn’t breathe. But Tater will always be in my heart, and I know have had two beautiful babies full term. Life works out in odd ways sometimes, but  can’t be stuck in the past mourning. Instead I chose to remember and live my life. And I think I’m doing all right.

S- Swinging. I love to swing. I told Josh this once, and he took me on a late night date that involved swinging together in a park. (one of the many awesome dates we have had. I loved watching the airplanes take off too.) 

don't forget to play. even big kids need recess.

T- Travel. I long to throw a dart at a map and go to wherever it lands. To get in a car and just drive till I feel like stopping. I wanna travel. To odd places, to known places, to PLACES! I wanna show my kids the joy of road trips, the fun of discovering somewhere new. I hope to be able to travel with my family, because it’s something I wish I had been able to do as a kid, and something I still very much long to do now. Wanderlust.

U- Understanding. One of the most important things to me in life, is being open minded, being tolerant and embracing diversity. Nothing makes my heart heavier then to watch some one be isolated because they are different. To watch someone suffer because they lead a different lifestyle. I will always have a n open heart and an open mind and all I can hope is I am able to teach my kids to do the same. To be kind, to accept that others do not have to live or think the same as you, and that different is not bad. No, I could never imagine having an abortion, but what gives me the right to decide what i right for other people. Yes, I am married to a man, but why does that have to mean that everyone else must do the same? And on that same note, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What they are not entitled to is hurting others for the sole purpose of hate. I don’t by any means think that everyone must share the same views I do, but I will not tolerate hate, bullying or any form of abuse. That is my stand. Happiness. I believe in happiness for all regardless of their beliefs, life style, race, orientation or appearance.

“Be curious, not judgmental” -Walt Whitman-

V- Vienna By: Billy Joel. Favorite line,

♪Slow down you crazy child
Take the phone off the hook and disappear for a while
It’s alright, you can afford to lose a day or two♪

W- Writing. I love to write, I have kept notebooks since high school, but I was writing well before that. I was health editor on my school paper, The Apple Leaf, and took multiple writing elective classes, including Shakespeare and Writing and Creative Writing I love writing poetry, stories, prose, blogs, songs, random journal entries, even school papers. There is a certain something therapeutic about pen and paper. I even hope to publish something some day.  




I have an odd obsession with alphabet letter magnets. Even before we ever had kids, even before I was pregnant, we had some on our fridge, Josh and I used to leave messages for each other in them. =) Now, I love watching Zander stick them on the fridge, I can’t wait till I can leave little messages for him too.

Y- Yo hablo espanol. I am proud to say I can fluently speak Spanish. Yes I occasionally forget a word, or struggle with the grammar, but I can carry conversations with my coworkers in Spanish. And let me tell you, once you can follow a conversation with a mad Hispanic woman, you know you got the language down. (HOLY CRAP they talk fast when they are mad. I’ve heard plenty of it at McDonald’s.) I took 3 or 4 years of Spanish in school, but to be honest I learned SOOO much more working at McDonald’s. Not meant to say any of my Spanish teachers were incompetent, it’s just easier to learn a language when you actually use it on a daily basis. In fact, thanks to my Spanish classes, I have a love for Kumbia Kings, and the art of Goya. I think I am a fairly well-rounded person.

Z- Zander. Zander gets his own letter because he was my first kid. He made my dream of becoming a Mom come true. Zander is amazing. He is a fantastic, fun-loving boy who is growing up ENTIRELY too fast. I know someday he will be a grown man and I will be proud of who he has grown up to be, but he will always be my baby (as cliche as that sounds). Only a mom can understand the immense amount of love you feel just by looking at your sweet child’s face, and it is a feeling I wish everyone could experience at some point in their life. I would give anything for that little man and his siblings. They make me a better person everyday and I would gladly sacrifice it all to make sure they grow up happy. Being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and silly stories aside, there is no feeling that could ever replace that. It is love.


There ya have. A-Z of Angel Williams. Who knew there was so much to tell?


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