McDonald’s and Me

I love my job. I love being a McWeirdo. I love the people I work with, I love the stress I work with, I love the amazing things I get to learn everyday. Yes, I will complain… About the customers who think they know everything, about doing schedules with an impossible target, about the occasional irritation with a co worker (I do work with an awful lotta teens…. My patience is only so great.) It may cause rifts, with the time I spend away from home. With the never ending “I will always stick up for my job” (even though sometimes I know, Josh is right and I am wrong). With the days that are almost to crazy terrible for any human being to survive.

But it is my home away from home. The first place here in Idaho I could call my own. Where I met my first friends, where i met my first roommate, where I met my husband. McDonald’s was the starting point to me building my own life. It helped us survive when every day was a battle uphill. it paid the bills, put gas in our car, put food in our house. Even when I left, I was able to come back. And let me tell ya, I don’t regret it.

Without McDonald’s, I wouldn’t have Mariesa, or Josh. I wouldn’t have had crazy adventures after dark. I wouldn’t feel nearly as accomplished about what I am capable of doing. I know that to a lot of people McD’s is a dead end job, or a joke… but really. THIS. IS. MY. LIFE. So put it down all you want. Laugh about “minimum wage hell”. Joke about people “wasting” their lives away. But I will stand proud. I love my job, I love what McDonald’s has done for me, and I can’t wait to continue my CAREER here. 

Yours sincerely,

A Proud McWeirdo.


Mariesa and I at our manager’s outing today.


3 responses to “McDonald’s and Me

  1. Speaking from an ex-McWeirdo (if every you can be an ex), I totally and completely understand what you are saying. After spending many years at McDonalds, it is not a dead end job, it is not a nothing, what it is is a career, a lifestyle, a McFamily that will last an eternity. You learn, you grow, you battle, you draw closer to those you work with. Not everyone can do this job, but for those that can they find a lifetime of a lifestyle. God Bless you, your growth and your McFamily. I am so proud of you and the things you have obviously learned from this adventure in your life. The sky is the limit for you, heck maybe a future McDonalds CEO in the making 🙂

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