10 Things

1. When I was little I used to wish my parents had named me Elizabeth. (Mostly because I wanted to be like Elizabeth in Sweet Valley Twins)

2. I dream of someday having a book of my poems published.

3. I rediscovered one of my favorite songs tonight, Colorado Sunrise by 3OH3!

4. Tetris is my favorite video game in the whole world.

5. I want to throw a dart at a map and start driving.

6. I had my children’s names picked out since high school.

7. I actually like when it is Friday the 13th, it always seems to be a good day for me.

8. I used to think that the color purple was evil…. now it’s my favorite color.

9. I love to scrapbook, I just don’t make a lotta time for it.

10. Fall is my favorite season, but i don’t deal with cold weather very well.


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