In His Words

The following post, is the first of fifteen days my husband has started to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. He always does something really sweet every year, and I think this year he may out do himself. He has already brought me to tears twice in one day.

The following is his post on my facebook wall:

A few years ago I messed up and gave Angel Williams the love of my life an awesome Valentines gift, (guys this may seem like a good idea while trying to win the heart of a woman but trust me, bad idea) Now I have these incredible expectations to live up to each year! But in all truth and honesty I love this woman with all my heart and soul and would do anything for her and I love coming up with new things to surprise her. So this year baby we are not going to do valentine’s DAY for you it is officially canceled SURPRISE!!!!! 

Just kidding instead we are going to do 15 days of valentines cause one just isn’t enough to show my love to you. 

You will receive a song with explanation of why I chose it on here each day so I can show the world or at least a small portion of the world why it is I feel the way I do about you (DISCLAIMER: to the world they may not all be love songs in your eyes but they are to us in our own redneck way :)) along with a few gifts along the way! I love you baby, and could never explain it in ways I could even understand so I will attempt it through others music to try to put these feelings out there for you.

Day 1, Song 1 – Verse 1 – The first verse of this song is so accurate, I thought you were so pretty when I first saw you, it was hard not to stare, then I found out how old you were and forgot about that ever happening  you were way to young for me. Then you (and Mia) kept pushing me to go to your b-day party for Karaoke! It was the best decision I ever made! We flirted and I realized we had a lot more in common than I thought possible we did spend 45 +/- an hour or two to kiss goodnight on the porch that night (that’s literally where we were for you people with one-track minds so no shes not that kinda girl) I didn’t know where this was headed at the time but I liked you a whole lot so i thought I would see where it went! Now the chorus “now you are my whole life I couldn’t live without ya girl” so so so true you are my everything. 

verse 2 – the proposal – this song actually inspired my proposal and gave me the whole idea (not sure I ever told you that) “I took you back to where we first met and got down on one knee.” You convinced me to sing a song at karaoke that first night and oh man did I murder it  (amazed you still liked me after that) but I had always wanted to sing in public and never had the courage so this didn’t ruin me it encouraged me I got a machine and practiced at home and we started singing together all the time. The bar where we first met (in a relationship way) did not do karaoke anymore so I went to the bar we visited the most and sang a song (reserved for another day) at the end I got down on one knee and my whole life changed “and I thought I loved you then” boy was I wrong still didn’t know what love was! 

Bridge (I think its definitely not a verse) – Child – he can see her with a baby on the way – Well I saw you carry and love our children with all your heart and it made me love you more, “I can see you now with your hair turning gray (children and a husband will do that to you :)) and I don’t see how I will ever love you more but I’ve said that before and I’m sure I will look back one day and say I thought I loved you then” This sums up our life in every way and was almost your proposal song it was a hard decision to make cause it would only be done once in my life to you, I wanted it to be perfect! Of course you had to ruin it on the way and go looking somewhere you never do and find the ring box on the way there that night but imperfect really is the perfection of our life together! We have been through so many good and bad times, fun and sad, tears and smiles, it has made us the couple we are and I hope you never forget it or regret it! 

Sorry this came out so long had no intention of that just so much to say! I love you baby enjoy your first of 15 songs 



And then he came to my work, and had our son carry in a rose. Watching our little boy walk in with that rose in his hand was so cute. And Kyrie had some chocolates in her hand, and Josh had a few more presents too. It was entirely unexpected and super sweet, if not way too distracting. He gave me a box of chocolates, a rose, a stuffed monkey, and some darts… (he says they go with a package that is not yet here. Curiosity spiked.)



I am loved. I am blessed. And I have NO IDEA how I am gonna even compete with this one. =)


2 responses to “In His Words

  1. That husband of yours is a good man. I am so happy that he treats you as good as he does. I am a lucky father to know that my little girl is with such a wonderful man.

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