Day 3 for My Husband’s Valentine

Day 3 for My Husband's Valentine

The present for today was a phone case and charger(the prompt). The part I couldn’t figure out was how to give it to him. It had to be creative. So here is the poem that went with it:

Whenever my battery starts running low,
You charge me back up and get me ready to go.
And when life seems like it is too much to take,
You step in and protect me, refuse to let me break.
So, here, in return, is my present for day 3,
Two things to help you continue to be there for me.
A charger for your truck, and ONLY your truck,
Cauz on nights your phone dies, it really frickin’ sucks.
And a case to protect your phone from it all.
Just remember, I’m at home waiting for your call.


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