Breakfast at Noon



Today, I was lucky enough to have the morning off with my husband. It meant we got to sleep in,(thank you kids for allowing that one to happen) and we also decided to make ourselves some breakfast… at noon! Best time to make it. Sausage and eggs and hash browns and pancakes. But the best part? Watching Zander help daddy in  the kitchen. He helped measure ingredients, pour them in bowls, crack eggs and he even had his own spoon to help stir the pancake mix. Our little boy was so excited to help out, and he made use he was always in the middle of it all. If he wasn’t, he would push the kitchen chair across the floor to where he wanted it, and climb right up to where he needed to be. I love watching him and Daddy bond, and the amount of helping he likes to give is so amazing. Cleaning and picking up toys, helping put away dishes, he even loves to help me pick up the trash. I feel like I am doing something right here and I am so proud of the boy he is becoming.. My little man is barely two years old and he has already got some good habits picked up. Can’t wait to see where his little personality goes next. I am on happy mama, and life is going good.



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