Monday Mind Dump

This prompt was inspired by Betsy. Thank you!


  1. I am fairly certain days were meant to have more than 24 hours in them. That or humans were designed to never sleep….
  2. I think Zander’s favorite animal is an elephant.
  3. Today I made a gift for Josh, it made me realize how much I missed creating.
  4. I sometimes wish I was a stay at home Mom, but I know I would never survive it.
  5. I wish Kyrie would hurry up and grow some hair so I can learn to style it.
  6. I am thinking of changing Mondays from prompt me Monday to Monday Musings.. (another great idea from Betsy)
  7. I am getting pretty excited about my big gift from Josh, and I can’t wait to see what it is.
  8. I plan on using our new trampoline as a workout tool. Seriously, have you ever been to JumpTime?? I t leaves you feeling like your legs will never function again.
  9. I have a serious addiction to window shopping (and occasional REAL shopping) online. It’s where I fill my “cart” up with things I like and then rarely buy any of it. lol
  10. I remembered today that my passenger window does not roll down, meaning I will have to always be the driver when summer comes. =)
  11. Zander’s birthday party was awesome and I can’t believe how many toys the spoiled boy got! But he loves them and has been playing with them all day. Particularly the bus Lego set Mariesa got him. It’s been carrying around his alphabet letters from his puzzle.
  12. Today we went to the park and my little boy climbed all the way up by himself and even went down the slide!!
  13. I still need to post today’s gift from Josh on Facebook.
  14. I should really get off here and get some sleep.
  15. Number 14 is probably not gonna happen anytime soon.
  16. I look forward to camping this summer!!!!
  17. Blue October is almost here!!!!!
  18. I wish we could see Josh’s family more often.
  19. Kyrie is definitely a Momma’s girl…. sometimes this is a huge inconvenience, but I still love her anyway.
  20. Ok time #14 happens… As soon as I take care of #13.

Night blogging world, sorry for my random ramblings.



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