Family First

Here are a few goals I have decided to work towards regarding family:

  1. One day a week I will not be allowed to use the computer, or get on the internet with my phone until the kids go to bed. (instead of specifying a day in the week, I will change it to one of my days off every week, or at least a day I am off early.)
  2. Monthly(at the least) date nights with Josh.
  3. Go to the library twice a month. Zander grew up surrounded by books and I want Kyrie to love them as much as he does.
  4. Go outside at least once a week. I am terrible at this right now because I hate being cold.
  5. Spend 15 minutes a day playing with each of the kids.
  6. Take more pictures. I have really been dropping the ball on this with little Kyrie.
  7. Eat dinner at the table, not in the living room. They may be too young to talk about their day, but this will help us spend more time together as a family.
  8. Monthly family dates.
  9. Read a bedtime story to Zander every night I am home for his bedtime. (And Kyrie too, if she makes it that far!)
  10. Be Here Now. (This is actually a term used in management training with McD’s) This means giving my family my undivided attention when I am with them. Putting my phone down, closing my computer, etc. They deserve all of me.
    Kyrie and Mommy

    Kyrie and Mommy




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