Pros and Cons to Rainy Days.


  1. Puddle jumping. Some may think that their is an age you reach where you are officially too old for this. One, not possible. Two, that’s what kids are for. Before I had my own, I borrowed my nephews and took them for an AWESOME puddle jumping adventure. Now that I have kids of my own, I am proud to say my son (at the young age of two) already excitedly runs for puddles counting to three before he jumps! “one, two, free!!!” SPLASH!
  2. Making mud pies. Can’t say I have done this one for a long time, but I can guarantee there will come a day I will teach my kid to do this one as well. And there WILL be a mud fight included. Daddy will have to be dragged into that one.
  3. Walking in the rain. (sans umbrella) Better suited for the summer months, for the sake of NOT catching hypothermia. None-the-less, this is as enjoyable as #1 and #2. Walk until your clothes are plastered to your skin, until you have raindrops dripping off your eyelashes, and then (just for cliché purposes) spread you arms out, look at the sky and twirl.
  4. Romance in the rain. Yes, another cliché. But honestly, take it from a girl who has slow danced in the rain, kissed in the rain, and had a very heartfelt conversation in the rain. Something about water falling from the sky just multiplies the emotion behind everything you do. Try it, can’t promise it will be as amazing for you, but I can say it is worth the risk. Worst case? You look like a fool in the rain. Just pick up a handful of mud and try out #2 while you are at it.
  5. Here’s on I haven’t tried yet, but made it on to my bucket list today. Jumping on our trampoline in the rain. Not really sure what the appeal is here, but come on, doesn’t it sound super fun?


  1. Singing in the rain. I just never quite got this one. I mean singing in the shower? Sure. Awesome acoustics, privacy and an intimacy that is hard to explain. But rain? Eh. I’ll pass.
  2. Driving in the rain(and the dark). Hydroplaning, windshield wipers leaving streaks, oncoming headlights blinding you. No thanks, this mama would rather stay alive.
  3. Swimming in the rain. I tried this once. Unfortunately, with rain there often comes thunder and lightning. Lightning and water… not a good mix. Was it fun? Sure. Worth the risk? Not so much. Imagine taking a bath with the shower running. A little better than that, but really… not that much to it.
  4. Camping in the rain. This is just an inconvenience. You try putting up a tent in the mud. And entertaining small children while the rain puts the fire out. Not one to complain about being outdoors, but my experience with this one was not fun. So it’s a no go for me.
  5. Umbrellas and rain. PSH!! Suck it up and live a little. Get your hair wet and let your mascara run. Dash form you car to the door with a newspaper over your head if you have to, but forget the umbrella. Rain is a amazing, not a thing to deflect. Read(and possibly try) #3 on the first list, and if you still don’t agree, then keep your umbrella. You are the one missing out.






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