Sighs of relief and a smiling face

FAMILY: I am thankful for watching Zander play. (I would love to post a video here, but I can’t figure it out. I think I have to pay for that kind of feature…) He is really starting to act things out with his toys and use actual words. It is so amazing to watch him learn new things every day.


WORK: Today I found out that I may end up knowing somebody who is going to HU. THANK GOODNESS, cauz I did not wanna go alone.


LIFE: I am so thankful to have money to go grocery shopping, and fill the gas tank, and even buy myself a Dutch Bros coffee. It’s amazing to be so financially set. A year ago, we never had enough money to fill both cars gas tanks, and we had to borrow money from Josh’s family just to get formula and food in the house. I am so happy we are past that stage, but I will always be grateful for their help.


4 responses to “Sighs of relief and a smiling face

  1. Love this thankfulness theme in these posts. So sincere, and so heartwarming. And your children are adorable. Wish I will grow up to have a somewhat life like you with a lot to thank, small things to be joyful for and adorable children to call my own. 🙂

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