Tomorrow is looking good

We got big plans for tomorrow. We are gonna take the kids to the kids fair at Idaho Expo. (

I’m excited to take the kids to go do something as a family, and I am hoping their will be some animals for Zander to see, that is his latest obsession. I will be sure to take some pictures, and probably use them for my family Tuesday post. We will see.

And then Betsy is gonna babysit for us so Josh can have his belated Valentine’s date night. We will start off with dinner at Olive Garden or Outback(he hasn’t decided yet) And then the rest of the night will begin! I am pretty excited for this, I have been planning it for awhile. Can’t say too much though, Josh reads this blog and I don’t wanna ruin the surprise!

And as for today, we have a few hours off together till Josh ahs to go to work, so Imma get off and go spend some time with my fantastic family!



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