A To Look Forward To List

I have several plans involving my family for the rest of this year. Several plans that are actually possible for once in my life!! Not saying they will all happen, but here are a few of things I am really hoping work out.

  1. Camping trip(Maybe the big 4th of July trip with the family! Can’t wait to let Zander play outside in the dirt all day!)
  2. A week at the coast(hopefully this one will involve Betsy and the girls)
  3. Days at Eagle Island (I am pretty excited to watch Zander learn how to swim)\
  5. Trip to the Zoo (The kiddos got to go once, but I think Zander would enjoy it so much more now)
  6. Camp out in the backyard
  7. Lazy summer days.



 And now a note from Zander:

f fg fgfdgbvdfgvbsbgdefsw23334en ;l;kl;l’debrsvdbfgv  vgfn frgb22wwdeeerdtdrdgfvgcdfs trghh,m kijtgdnhjjkhfrx6t9n0]

\’;[lkfdarghjkjfdxaadsgfszxxdfvggfvl.;//jkagyhre3we4dwqssdgfv       cccccccccfdddddezxxfbvdfczswebggfhjbsfgcsrsd`Aaa

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