It Doesn’t Get Better Than This!

My wonderful hubby took me and the kids up to the hills for an impromptu, last minute family night; some bbq dinner and chairs around a campfire. Although the timing was a little bit off(we got there after sunset) and our daughter screamed almost the whole time (until we got into the truck to leave… then she passed out with a few happy squeals.) I still enjoyed it. I can’t wait for this summer when we can do that in our backyard without our kids freezing to death. Till we can go camping and let Zander play in the dirt, and roast marshmallows as a treat before bed. =) But let me elaborate on the “fun” part of the night.

We got resourceful tonight. You see, we kinda changed plans at the last minute, and as a result we forgot something…. water. When you have a baby still on formula, water is a necessity. We tried to soothe her with a little bit of my tea, but she only put up with that one for so long. Then I tried cracking open a jar of squash we had in the diaper bag…. few bites of that and she was right back to screaming. (Can’t say I blame her on that one, we tried those at my first baby shower. D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G!!!) Then, I got smart and suggested we melt some of the ice from our cooler over our campfire. Problem there: we didn’t have any kind of pan with us. So Josh got resourceful. He cut the top of a soda can almost all the way off and placed it in the fire. Lucky for us, the ice kept the can cool enough to touch, because we had no way of getting the can back out without using our hands. After a few cans, we get enough to make a bottle. At this point my child has been screaming for soooo long, and soooo loud,  I was pretty sure every wild predator within 20 miles was circling us while they waited for the right moment to strike. And of course, now that we have a bottle ready, she won’t take it. My daughter has never cared if a bottle is cold or warm, but tonight she did. Or maybe there was a little bit of tea left in the bottom and it gave it a funny taste…. who knows? At this point I was done. We ate our somewhat charred dinner(not the first one and certainly not the last, thank you to constant distractions from our children), all the while listening to her scream and cry nonstop. As we started to pack up, I picked her up to carry her to the car. Instant silence. Now keep in mind, I had tried everything from swaddling to rocking to singing to keep this child happy, but all of a sudden being held was enough. It’s almost enough to make you wanna pull your hair out, let me tell ya. As I walked towards the truck, my husband says something to the effect of, “OH!!! I’m so stupid! I had a big jug of water in the back of the truck this whole time!” Through gritted teeth I somehow managed to jokingly suggest he make her another, untainted bottle and turned around to help keep packing. And he did, and she still refused it. But, she fell asleep not too long after, and all ended well. Really, to be honest, it was just another adventure in parenthood. The night was still fun, and memories are memories. In fact, I was telling my husband on the way back home how we would have to share this story with Kyrie’s 1st boyfriend. Give him fair warning just how hard she is to keep happy. 😛 And as I drifted off to sleep, warm in the truck with my fantastic man and lovable yet handful of two kids, I was thinking:



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