I am a “Fabulous Woman”

FAMILY: I am thankful to have such a loving husband who is spontaneous and funny. He always makes me feel loved, and I really couldn’t imagine a sweeter man. Last night I posted a silly love post to his wall, and he followed it up with this on mine:

“I know this fabulous woman, she is everything a man could want and need! She is an excellent mother to her children and just as exceptional with her step children. She is crazy yet sane when it counts,  wild on a whim but knows when to reign it in.  She loves with all her heart and shows her lucky husband everyday. She claims to not cook but has made some exceedingly good meals, knows just when to say I love you and how to say it.  She is very open minded and giving she would give the clothes off her back to her worst enemy.  I wouldn’t trade a day away from her for all the money in the world and I’m just a lucky man to be able to call her my wife!  It still blows my mind how lucky I am!”


WORK: This may not make a lot of sense to most of you, but I am so thankful to have a few capable people in my department. I recently lost the one I leaned on the most, and I can already see the people who are willing to step up and help bear my load. Thank goodness for them. The people department has a lot of administrative tasks to delegate out, and it’s nice to know there ARE people I can trust.


LIFE: I am so happy to watch my kids grow up and learn new things every day. Zander’s vocabulary is growing so fast, and little Kyrie is starting to join in on playtime. I may complain that I am never home, but it is no different then every other working mom out there. I get to see my kids. For the most part I am either there with them when they wake up or when they go to bed. Would I like to see them more? Yes. But then I would probably go stir fry crazy and my posts would become my single means of hanging on to my slipping sanity. (Would make for some good reads though…) Power to all the working moms out there. Stay strong, we are SUPERHEROS!


2 responses to “I am a “Fabulous Woman”

    • Thank you, I made it a weekly post because I knew all too well how easy it is to focus on the negative. This is my weekly reminder that life is actually pretty damn good.

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