10 on 10

A saw this blog that had used a prompt called 10 on 10 where you post 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month. I think the idea was to have all the pictures taken on THAT day, but mine will be from this week. And all of Zander this time. I like prompts that hold us accountable for taking pictures, sometimes I feel I don’t take enough.


Always so happy and all smiles

Looks like his Daddy’s boy in this picture.

Giving his dinosaur a “drink” from his sippy cup.

He LOVES LOVES LOVES playing on the trampoline.

It’s very hard to get him to sit still enough to take a picture with him anymore.

His blankies. Has them both every night he sleeps, asks for them and carries them around. He got down on the living room floor and just went right to sleep.

He had just woke up, and MAN was he making some weird faces.

Still waking up….



He’s got that pout down.




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