Sorry for the Mama rant…. I really AM a thankful person.

FAMILY: We got to go to the park again today, and I hate to be THAT parent, but I am so thankful that my child is well behaved. (Allow me to step up on my Mama soapbox) There were two little boys today that were just a little older than him, and they were terrible. Now, obviously a bit of this comes down to the parenting that is being done, which, from the looks of today, is VERY uninvolved. Between hitting kids with sticks and trying to push them off the top of the playground, it is safe to say that Zander was watched with a VERY close eye. And I am a proud Mama knowing that despite my kid’s occasional melt down at leaving the park before he wants to, or being told, “Share your toys!”…. our little boy is pretty darn polite. He says Thank you, he is learning you’re welcome (although it often comes out as “I’m welcome”) and he cleans up his toys. Sometimes we even see him share with his little sister when he thinks we aren’t looking. So, as long as I hear his sweet little voice saying “here go Kyrie. Want one?” I think we are in the clear. Zander is a really good boy, and I am thankful for that. (Stepping off of the soapbox now)

WORK: It is getting hard to find things to be thankful about here, with Mariesa on vacation and Carey going soon…. Chaos is a pretty normal constant right now. BUT….. I will find something. My RDM scorecard is above 80% for the second week in a row. My goal has been 80% for quite awhile now and I’m glad to be finally getting to the range I need to be in.

LIFE: I’m thankful for the library. They are a fun, free place to take Zander when we don’t have a lotta extra cash to spend. Our son loves it, and is even “reading” those books right now as I type. They even have this fun thing where you can check out a MYSTERY book that is wrapped in paper. Zander was pretty excited to open the book, and it was the first one he “read”. Not to mention, sometimes Mama needs an escape into the fictional land every now and then. =)


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