Spoiled Mama Alert!

Don’t let the simple design fool you about the fun surprises awaiting you inside! (Actually, I really love the design of the boxes. So much, in fact, that I plan to keep them all.)

Opened up my BIRCHBOX! Look at all the goodies inside!

I got two fantastic packages in the mail today. My BIRCHBOX and one of my latest Zulily orders. I am pretty happy, especially since I really needed a pick me up after my day at work. (STRESSFUL!) Here’s a little look at what I get to try out in my newest BIRCHBOX.

From left to right: #2 COOLA, #4 Harvey Prince, #3 Gilchrist and Soames, #1 Beauty Protector, #5 Tea Forte and at the bottom right hand, Ghirardelli’s Cherry Tango Square. (the gold and purple box in the back had the perfume and chocolate in it, like a perfect mini gift!)

#1: Beauty Protector’s Protect and Detangle

“Best-selling elixir that locks in color, protects from heat damage and adds silkiness.” (BIRCHBOX)

I am really excited to try this out. Although I rarely style my hair much, and it dries fast enough to not need a hair dryer, I have big problems with tangles since my hair is so fine. I also have been struggling with some dryness lately, and although my Garnier shampoo and conditioner has helped tremendously, I’m looking forward to possibly finding another product that is made for me through my Birchbox subscription.

#2: COOLA’s Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face

“Organic tinted moisturizer with lasting sun protection that evens tone and masks flaws.” (BIRCHBOX)

I’ve actually been looking for a good face moisturizer to apply before putting my make up on as my face gets a little dry and it makes it a little hard to get an even look with my foundation. I used a Burt’s Bees lotion for awhile, but it was a little to greasy (for lack of a better word) to use on my face. I like it on the rest of my body, but I need something made for my face. Maybe this product will be just that.

#3: Gilcrest & Soames’ London Collection Body Lotion

“This fast-absorbing hydrator leaves skin feeling silky-smooth with a light, earthy scent.” (BIRCHBOX)

Although I was incredibly impressed with the shampoo and conditioner sample I received from this line in a previous box, I did enjoy the scent. I would happily have this perfect balance of flowery but not overpowering, calming scent on my skin. And come on, can you really ever have too many lotions?? =)

#4: Harvey Prince’s Cherie Blossom

“Inspiring scent that mingles sparkling cherry blossom with romantic vanilla and musk.” (BIRCHBOX)

I’m not gonna lie, when it comes to perfumes, I’m not really one to experiment. I’m more of a body spray kind of girl. In fact, I spritz myself with a sweet pea spray from bath and body works every day. But, this scent actually seems to be light enough that I might enjoy it. I plan on trying it out on my next night out. I’ll feel perfectly pretty in my new dress(ZULILY) and my girly perfume.

#5: Tea Forte’s minteas

“Sugar-free, all-natural mints infused with wellness-promoting organic green tea and herbs.” (BIRCHBOX)

It says that these are meant to help reduce stress (tea mints for relaxation) and the back of the tin describes them as “a sanctuary for the senses”. Now I’m not sure if they work, but I’m not about to turn down anything that claims to be able to help this stressed out Mama relax a little bit. My only question is, where were these when I needed them today?

ADDED BONUS: Ghirardelli’s Cherry Tango Square

“After you try the unique blend of deep dark chocolate, tangy cherry and satisfying almond crunch, we dare you not to do a little happy dance.” (BIRCHBOX)

This one I am so excited to try (come on!!! CHOCOLATE!) that I am actually planning on sharing this sure to be DELICIOUS experience with my husband. Cherry Garcia is one of his favorite ice creams, so I’m sure this will be right up his alley. Besides, how much fun is it to dance alone? I’d rather share this happy dance with someone I love. (But don’t be deceived, the bigger half will DEFINITELY be mine.)

I look forward to reviewing these items as I use them (or eat them, whichever applies) and possibly even finding a new favorite product. To anyone who doesn’t have a BIRCHBOX subscription, it’s only $10 a month, and entirely worth it. Here’s a link to make it even easier for you to sign up right now:  https://www.birchbox.com/invite/2m492 You won’t regret it, so pamper yourself a little bit. All the fun of trying new products without the commitment of being stuck with a full size before you know if it’s right for you. And who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky like me and find a new favorite to add to your daily routine.


And, as a little add on here: A few pictures of my Zulily delivery.

Not really wild about his picture, but it’s the best I can do by myself using a little digital camera set on a 10 second timer. None-the-less, here is the dress mentioned above in #4 of my BIRCHBOX items. I’m so glad it fits as well as it does for buying it over the internet.

Zander’s puppy is a black lab. Her name is Lexi, and she is the perfect match for my little trouble maker. I figured such a lucky boy should be able to proudly announce he loves his best friend.

I got a floaty for Kyrie. I can’t wait to take her and Zander swimming this summer. They both have proven to be water babies, and I’m sure this fun little toy will only make it all the more enjoyable for my little girl.

Every Zulily delivery comes with a thank you card with a coloring scene on the back of it. Little thing, but probably one of my favorite parts of using Zulily. And, a new surprise this time: a sample of Tom’s Toothpaste. I’ve seen adds for this and have actually considered trying it out for Zander. Now I guess I’ll get my chance! I love samples.









3 responses to “Spoiled Mama Alert!

  1. Love our naked boy in the background 🙂 And I can’t wait to come home and see the dress in person, I will pull out the good camera and get some cute pics for ya 🙂

  2. You just need to have one of the bigger kids take pictures for you. I couldn’t wait until mine could take pics without fingers in the way. =) Cute dress by the way!

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