Winding down time

Here goes another Thankful Thursday.

FAMILY: I am thankful for josh’s new hours at his new job. Although it hasn’t worked so well these past few days, his later start time is gonna give us a lot more chances to see each other in between our jobs. Plus, we will actually get to have some more family dinners and that is ALWAYS a plus.

LIFE: I am thankful for having this weekend off. I am looking forward to having a vacation (hopefully soon) but for now, a weekend will be enough. I even might get to go out with Josh on Saturday, and that would be tons of fun.

WORK: I finally got my performance review, and it really gave me a chance to stand back and evaluate the areas I need to be focusing on. Having feedback is always helpful, and I feel much more inspired and capable of tackling my problem areas now. I am thankful to have Carey as my boss, because although his feedback is still sporadic, it is very helpful and thorough.


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