Lessons From My Past

 I remember barbie dolls and baby dolls. i remember tricycles and upgrading to a two wheeler. I remember stuffed animal machines and the money my dad used to put in to try and win one for me. i remember brushing my mom’s hair and putting it up in endless styles. i remember chuckie cheeses’s and the magical way it brought me and my older brother together. i remember baseball with a tennis racket in the school field. i remember four square and tether ball and hopscotch.. i remember beanie babies and little individually wrapped mcdonald’s toys that i just had to have. i remember disney movies and the disney channel. i remember saturday morning cartoons. sitting cross legged in front of the tv with sleepy eyes and a bowl of cereal. recess and doug funny. i remember jump ropes that made music and that one weird one that you put on one foot. i remember hula-hoops. i remember clip hits,staring christina aguliara and britney spears and nsync and backstreet boys. i remember barrettes and hair scrunchies. playing horses and house and anything else my wild imagination came up with. i remember making mud pies in my backyard. picking rasberries off the bushes and eating them until my fingers were stained red. i remember pokemon cards and the battles you could win with just the right deck and skill. i remember going to baskin robins with my brother to get a double scoop ice cream cone. i remember swing sets for yards and climbing trees. i remember coloring books and the pride of owning new crayola crayons. i remember half day kindergarden and the chili dog my dad would buy me for lunch at 7/11. i remember bop it and pogs. i remember bailey school kids and nancy drew and sweet valley twins. i remember power rangers, teenage mutant ninja turtles and digimon. i remember lunch boxes and kool aid jammers. i remember jelly shoes and the jeans that tied up the sides. i remember overalls and pigtails. i remember the rings we used to try to swing across and monkey bars and the blisters they gave you.i remember the coolness you had once your ears were pierced. i remember the metal clang if bangles. i remember tag.freeze tag, cartoon tag, tunnel tag, toilet tag, shark tag in the pool. i remember daycare and beading. i remember the excitement of christmas and laziness of thanksgiving. the spooky thrill of halloween and the wonder in the easter baskets. i remember music class and p.e. with song runs. i remember smackers and all the flavors that came out. i remember penny candies at the store. i remember aving both your parents grab your hands and swing you up in the air. i remember riding on my dad’s shoulders at the carnival while eating a blue snow cone. i remember roller blades and those scooters called razors. i remember crimping our hair. i remember night lights and hot chocolate in the winter. i remember those stickers you’d get when you left your doctor’s office. i remember charm bracelets and the fear of your PERIOD. i remember field trips and having only one teacher. i remember mood rings.


i remember not being afraid to be who you are. and not being judged for being that way. i remember the innocence. the confidence. the care free attitude. i remember dancing like nobody was watching when i KNEW they were watching cause i asked them to. i remember proudly showing off what i could do instead of worrying if it wasnt good enough. i remember being a kid. and to tell you the truth.. i was so much surer of myself back then. where’d that go? it’s vanished from the pressure of the media and school and peers and parents and drama. someone is always there to tell you you’re not good enough.


i think it’s time we are. life isn’t about slaving away. it’s about living and being who you are. stop trying to fit the mold of everyone else. cause newsflash: you’re not everybody else. be who you want to be. do what you want to do. it’s your life. live it to the fullest and don’t let anyone else tell you differently


One response to “Lessons From My Past

  1. Love this. I think I smiled the whole way through your memories, thinking of my own. I agree though, it is time for us to stop pretending to be who we think we are supposed to be and be the person we were created to be.

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