Family Update


Angel: I am currently stressed out about work a little, and trying to find a way to establish routines in my everyday life. My current goal: survive each day as it comes. And that’s where the blog comes in handy. My little achievement each day, and a place to rant, vent or simply get lost.




Josh: Loving his new job at Southwest. We just went and bought him some new scrubs, and I have to say, it was very hard to let him go to work looking that good!




Allason: Is definitely growing up. I am finally starting to see a little bit of her real age come out. It’s scary. But she is still a fantastic kid, a loving sister and wonderful girl. (ahem… young woman)




Walker: Is really getting into track as far as I have heard. He had a blast geocaching the other day, and is Zander’s new hero. Zander is constantly screaming out, “WALKER!!!” (But hey at least it’s no longer “Walkie”)




Madison: Is DEFINITELY becoming a teenager. Just looking at pictures from the beginning of this year blow my mind. From what I can tell, she really loves music and writing. (sounds sooo familiar)




Zander: Is having a really hard time learning to share with his little sister. I think his most commonly used words are, “No Kyrie! No!” But, he is doing awesome with thank you and you’re welcome. (Although the second tends to come out as “I’m Welcome” a lot more often) Next step, start on potty training. *Gulp*




Kyrie: Is becoming quite the terror. Her favorite past times include torturing the dog, terrorizing her brother and getting on her parents last nerves! We are trying to start weaning her off formula and switch to mostly milk. (MONEY SAVER ALERT) But this girl LOVES her bottle so this may get hard.



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