It’s Not As Bad As It Seems.

FAMILY: I am thankful that despite the fact that my step children are all very well into the age of teenage angst or preteen attitude, they still somehow enjoy family time. Yes, Madison will disappear into her room in a heartbeat, and listen to music till dinner time. But she will also let Zander go in and sit on her beanbag, infiltrating her “me” time. Yes, Allason will sit on the couch, with headphones in and watch Netflix on her phone, but she is also the first to step in and help entertain Kyrie when she is fussing. And yes, Walker is a boy. Video games always triumph over anything else, but he is also Zander’s hero and he always replies to Zander’s ever annoying cries of “WALKER!!!!!” These kids still continue to blow my mind as much as they did the first time I met them. They love family dinners, there is never a quiet moment between us all, someone is ALWAYS laughing, they ask to take the smaller kids to the park, they all babysit for us. They are all great kids, and I am so thankful to have such sweet children call me “Morther”.

LIFE: I am thankful for house. It is a steal for the price we pay each month, and big enough to accommodate a family of four, sometimes six. We have had very few problems with it in the two years we have lived here, and we couldn’t ask for better landlords. I never imagined growing up that I would ever live in such a nice place. The only time I ever remember living in such a nice house, was right before my parents divorced when I was in third grade. I am so happy to be able to raise my kids in a house that I am not ashamed to throw birthday parties at. In a house where the backyard is big enough to hold a giant trampoline. In a house that. A house that I am proud to call ours. (now if only we could keep it clean)

WORK: I am thankful for Mariesa. This is the first time in forever that I can remember our store not falling apart to chaos and ruins when our GM, Carey is on vacation. She has been keeping us on task, keeping things running smoothly, keeping all problems under control. I went into this “vacation” of his feeling dread and trying like hell to tell myself, “Maybe it will be different this time.” And it IS! All thanks to Mariesa. Who could ask for more than that?


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