10 Empty Promises it’s OK to Make to Yourself.

(Cauz maybe, someday you will actually do them. Until then, think of these on constant reminders and unsuccessful motivations.)

  1. I will stick to a workout routine and lose that weight I’ve been trying to forever.
  2. We will start potty training this week. Really…. or at least next week at the latest.
  3. I will cook a healthy dinner tonight. Maybe something Pinterest inspired. Just not another night of Mac and Cheese.
  4. I will take “me” time. Soon…. ish.
  5. I will shave my legs today. They are starting to resemble a forest that could hide cute little scurrying creatures.
  6. I will put this load of laundry away instead of living outta basket of clean clothes.
  7. I will get the kid’s room clean, and it will STAY clean.
  8. Today I will do something fun and creative with my kids instead of staying in the house all day long playing with legos and watching Netflix.
  9. I will get off the computer and go to bed so I can be well rested in the morning for once.
  10. I am an AWESOME Mom who everyone envies. (Even if it is not necessarily entirely true, you deserve to hear this every day. Cauz you ARE an awesome Mom.)

This post was actually inspired by my husband. He was asking about the posts I was reading today on my search for new blogs to follow and relate with. After a few half-hearted recaps and explanations as to WHY I liked these posts, he asked if I was searching for blogs related to empty promises. It was then that I said something that I didn’t even realize till it slipped out of my mouth. “Parenthood is full of empty promises,” It is so true. You will always tell yourself you will get this done, make time for that important task. But honestly, between the screaming toddlers, dirty dishes, and feuding siblings…. WHEN? When is it that we are supposed to get all these empty promises done. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t set goals for ourselves. Cause you know what? Someday we will get there. Eventually one of those tasks will make it off of our perpetual to do list and be replaced with another seemingly easy task with the best of intentions of mind. This is parenthood. A never ending uphill climb. We will make it, and it will be worth it. We just have to keep fighting. First step, make those empty promises.



3 responses to “10 Empty Promises it’s OK to Make to Yourself.

  1. This is great! Nothing wrong with empty promises to ourselves as long as they keep our spirits up, right? 🙂 (Oh, and my #11 would be, “I will clean out the minivan and keep it clean!” That’s my husband you hear laughing . . .)

    Looking forward to reading more!

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