The Effects of Brownie Batter on Children: A Study of Behavioral Instincts

*****DISCLAIMER: No raw egg was used in the making of this brownie mix*****

Today we made brownies after dinner(exhibit: ground zero). As a social experiment nice Mommy, I gave each of my kids one of the beaters from the mixer. Each of them received this brownie batter dripping goodness with ease, but the following behaviors after were quite interesting.

(exhibit a)Kyrie, the female in this study, is about a year old. She was reluctant at first to hold the beater on her own. Instead she was perfectly happy licking the batter off while her mother (me) held the beater within reach. However, after her first few tastes, I believe the subject realized that what she was digesting was heaven in the form of food and quickly decided she must have control of all variables involved. So, without a second thought she reached forward and snatched the chocolate covered apparatus straight from her mother’s hand (again, me) and proceeded to attempt to shove the entire beater in her mouth. Needless to say, this was not possible. Instead she settled for a sucking as much of the brownie batter off of each area as she could and then cleverly rotated to a new section. At one point, the chocolate overload seemed to be too much for the subject, as she clenched her fists and shook real hard, but this temporary state of ecstasy did not put an end to her devouring. The majority of brownie batter was dispensed on the subject’s face, fingers, arms, shoulders, chest, clothes, hair, forehead, highchair try, etc. by the end of this experiment, but it was a success none-the-less. Overall ,I would say this experiment showed that the subject is quick at adapting when it comes to something she desires, and that chocolate may be her new form of heaven.

(exhibit b)Zander, the male in this study is just over 2 years old. He was very quick to grab his beater, and, well, beat it. I deduct that this is due to his extra year of life, and the wisdom he has achieved through this. It could also be a side effect of having siblings and knowing he has to get what he wants fast. However, after his quick retreat, I was unfortunately distracted due to making observations of the female subject. As a result, it took me a moment to realize how the male had turned inwards on his “treat” and the suspicious nature exuding from his eyes. I was able to snap a quick picture to help you all better understand the behavior I am speaking of. It will be exhibit c at the end of this post. Once I realized the behavior change clearly being displayed by this subject, I was enthralled to learn more. I followed his actions closely, and was able to draw a few more conclusions for m my observations. First, the closer I got the further away from me he turned, as if he was protecting the delicious prize he had just received. I deduct that this shows the subject’s great dislike for sharing and distrust of those around him  to not demand him to share at once. I actually made the connection that he resembled a hermit, with his back turned and hunched over his brownie mix. Or possibly even a possessed creature of sorts, such as Golem. I half expected him to break out with, “MY PRECIOUS!!!”, after each lick. Basically, he was displaying tell-tell signs of being a toddler. Upon further attempts to gain his trust, I was able to get the male to slowly turn towards me and the camera I was using to document this entire experiment. As a result, I was able to notice his ability to quickly adapt to the new object(the beater) and determine better ways to reach every last drop of brownie mix. The subject learned that if he held it straight up, he could reach the center with his tongue much easier. Once this hypothesis was drawn, tested and proved successful, the brownie batter was licked off at a rapid speed. There was hardly any left on the beater at the completion of this subject’s trials, but a fair amount was left on his face.

Overall I would say this experiment was a success. Both subjects were entirely happy, until they were subjected to a baby wipe bath. My only conclusion from that: Next time let’s just plan to move the experiment straight to the bath tub at completion. I have included some exhibits below to add to the overall experience of this behavioral study.

Exhibit: Ground Zero

Exhibit A

Exhibit A1

Exhibit A2

Exhibit B

Exhibit B1

Exhibit B2

Exhibit C



5 responses to “The Effects of Brownie Batter on Children: A Study of Behavioral Instincts

  1. Haha, I love this!! Adorable little case studies too. I will definitely need to try this one, and will include the bathtub experiment as well. 😉

  2. Very cute Angel, I loved the way you chronicled this episode in your motherhood. I remember times like this with you too. The one you always seemed to enjoy wearing was the spaghetti. Keep on keeping on in your journey through motherhood. You are creating memories not just for you but for your kids too.

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