You know you own a lab when….


  • you find chewed up shoes, toys, papers…. anything and everything actually.
  • there is hair in literally every crack and crevice. I mean I even found lab hair in my wallet before!
  • You are greeted at the door with enthusiasm and the strength of a tornado ready to knock you down.
  • “NO!”, “GET DOWN!” and “STOP!” are very common words in your daily vocabulary. Oh! And “STOP BARKING!”
  • You have ever quickly discovered that there is weight limit to a dog being a lap dog.
  • You remember thinking, “Awe, the puppy is so cute!” and you very much hate yourself for falling for the trap
  • But, regardless you love the pup like it is one of your own kids.
  • You spend the majority of your day letting the dog out, only to turn back around and let them back in as soon as they start barking or scratching at the door.
  • You know that you can not have anything breakable or important to you at lab tail level. One sweep can clear an entire coffee table
  • You have ever melted at the sight of those warm brown eyes, even though they just got caught eating out of the cat box, AGAIN!
  • You check the toilet seat before you sit down, because the drool left behind from a thirsty lab is a nasty surprise to sit in.
  • Your kids can torment the hell outta the poor thing and it takes it with a tail wagging and licks to the face
  • A fenced yard is a necessity, not only for your sanity, but for the dog’s as well.
  • You know that bones are a TREAT not an everlasting gobstopper like they are for some dogs
  • A stuffed animal means stuffing ALL OVER THE HOUSE. I mean EVERYWHERE!!!!
  • You have decided that a 10 gallon automatic waterer is the only way to go, unless you want your days agenda to be: wake up, fill the water bowl, make breakfast, fill the water bowl, change a diaper, fill the water bowl, go to the bathroom, fill the water bowl… I think you see where I am going with this.
  • You have found out that it is impossible to share a bed with the dog, IMPOSSIBLE!
  • A crate has become a steady piece of furniture in your living room/ bedroom/ insert room of your choice here
  • Dog food has become an item on your weekly grocery list.

7 responses to “You know you own a lab when….

  1. Our black Lab is called Halo. She is an awesome companion to Joost, my bestie who is mostly blind.

    Halo is a wonderful pup, despite being a trained guide dog, she still finds herself in mischief quite a bit. She once munched on half an Egyptian cotton bath sheet and had to have surgery to get it out!!

    Also… The hair is ‘EVERYWHERE’ lol

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