100HappyDays: Day 4

100HappyDays: Day 4

THIS JUST IN: We have uncovered a rare site. The living room floor of the Williams’ house. This elusive site hasn’t been fully seen for months (or so it seems), despite a few sitings every few days or so. It was discovered after a frantic cleaning shift by a fed up Mother. After removing layers of trash, toys (the life of having kids), chewed up shoes (and WHATEVER else that was….) thanks to our lab, Lexi (previously mentioned here: https://pm11887.wordpress.com/2014/03/30/you-know-you-own-a-lab-when/) and more clothes to add to the never ending laundry pile. She was shocked to find that, yes it still did exist, and is really hoping it stays this way for a few days. Nothing like a semi-clean house to brighten your day. (And yes, I know, the couch pillows are hideous.)

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