Things I Can’t Wait For!

It’s always great to have things to look forward to in life, and lucky me, I have quite a few right now.

  1. I currently have a least one, if not two, Zulily packages on the way. (Yes I know it’s an addiction, but the first step is admitting you have a problem!)
  2. I am awaiting the item I ordered from Birchbox. I had a $10 dollar credit and ordered some hair products I will be happy to add to me daily routines.
  3. Wednesday is the Blue October concert!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO! I have been addicted to their Sway album lately and can’t wait to see them live.
  4. Sometime I next month, I believe I will be getting a new phone. And although it is slightly bittersweet… I am also a little excited. Mostly because I can’t wait to have a phone that not only holds a charge, but also takes better pictures.
  5. Kyrie’s birthday is a mere month away. I can’t believe my little girl will be one. And although the planning of a party is always daunting to a Mom that feels like a day should have WAY more than 24 hours in it, I am excited to spend time with friends and family.



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