B is for Blue October

♪Things we do at night, keeping it together till the morning light♪


Had a blast at Blue October tonight! Got to hang out with some friends and have a night out with my hubby. (If you have read this blog: https://pm11887.wordpress.com/2014/04/02/starting-with-the-letter-a-adulthood/ then # 4 will tell you just how amazing it is that I was able to pull this off!) Not only did they play my favorite song, “Bleed Out”, but they also hit almost every other song on my top 10 list by them. Besides, any music by Blue October is good music! Although I wasn’t able to get any pictures during the concert (my phone died, and the ones my hubby took didn’t turn out) I did get some on the way there and the way home.




After all this, we went to I Hop, had some breakfast (at midnight) and talked about work. Well more like complained about work between shoving our mouths with food. I would say it was a pretty successful night. I felt like more than a Mom, I spent a whole night listening to great music, and I got to eat a WHOLE plate of food to myself (another reference to the blog linked above). Now, this tired Mama is thankful she asked for tomorrow off and is ready for bed. Let’s hope those little munchkins decide to sleep in a little tomorrow.



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