C is for Crazy Faces

This one is going to be a mostly photographic blog dedicated to the crazy faces my daughter makes. When my son, Zander was born, I posted something about him having more expressions than the baby off of the movie Willow. Now that Kyrie is in our lives I can safely say, Zander and Willow combined ain’t got nothing on this little girl. Enjoy. Hope these make your day a little brighter.




20140222_160144 IMG_0197 IMG_20140222_160048

20140222_160121 IMG_20130820_150534 IMG_20130622_204904

1 f6 f11

20140303_122242 IMG_0461 4


I love this crazy girl, and I am sure we are in for a wild ride as she gets older. She is goofy and silly and is fantastic at driving her big brother crazy. She is a Mama’s girl, loves her food and has so many teeth it is ridiculous. I can’t believe she is almost a year old. Time sure does fly when you are having fun!


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