Young Readers

Young Readers

I absolutely love the program that Idaho Youth Ranch offers. Children get a “bookmark” on which they can list five books they have read, or had read to them. Once the list is complete, they bring it in and receive a free book and get to pick a toy outta the box behind the counter as well. I love encouraging reading in children. I feel like it is underappreciated, and I couldn’t imagine a life without books. I want to pass that love down to my kids, and although I don’t see any problem with that being hard to do (they LOVE books), I certainly appreciate every little thing that helps the encouragement. Kudos to this program, this Mama approves.


6 responses to “Young Readers

  1. Your children approve as well, it is so fun to listen to zander flip through the pages and make a story of his own up especially when he remembers key words (like potty) and is sure to include them in every sentence. I know I tell you this a lot but you need to know it. You are an awesome mom I could not find anyone better to raise our children.

  2. Good to know about the Idaho Youth Ranch program. I wish parents had as much passion for reading as they do for encouraging their children to play sports. Visiting from A to Z challenge (and from an Idaho location!).

  3. I absolutely agree. If a child learns to read and appreciate it, they learn so much more and excel in school and life. To coin an old phrase “READING IS FUNDAMENTAL”

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