E is for Everything

I’ve been thinking all day for a good E word to use for today’s blog, but I can’t seem to settle on one that really seems to fit. So I decided why not do more than one. Afterall “everything” does start with an E.


First off, elephant starts with E. I’m not sure why, but elephants are quite possibly my two year old’s favorite animal. He loves saying it, gets excited when he sees a book about elephants in any way shape or form, and LOVES playing with all his different elephant toys. Although, to be fair he loves all “amils” (animals), it just seems that elephants get a little more enthusiasm. (HA! Another E!)


Emotional starts with an E. Today was kind of a real roller coaster ride for me. Emotions always seem to get the best of me. If I get frustrated I cry, big fat steaming tears of anger. If I’m tired, I get all goofy and silly. If I feel down, I dwell and worry about EVERYTHING. If I am stressed out, I get anxious and jittery. I know that emotions are a part of everyday life, but today was more than enough emotion for months. I’m exhausted. (damn, the E’s just keep rolling out)


E is for echo. Today in the car, I was asking my son about his day. With each question I asked, I got an echo back.

Me: “Did you have a good day?”

Zander: “day?”

M: “Did you play with toys?”

Z: “toys?”

M: “Did you play with Daddy?”

Z: “Daddy?”

and so on… I love hearing him talk, he is learning new words everyday. I can’t wait to hear him tell me crazy stories, and to be able to understand the words he so earnestly puts with the pictures in his books.


Elk. E is for Elk. My husband hunts, and I find these creatures beautiful and majestic. How could you not? And, just to ruin what I just wrote…. Elk sausage is AMAZING!



And E is for End. As in the end. As in, I’m going to bed. Goodnight.



4 responses to “E is for Everything

  1. Entertaining! I had no idea to do for My E blog, and ended up doing one called, “everyday I’m Reading!”. Yours is so much better!

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