To-Do List

This is a never ending list. For every item I cross off, I add three six more. *sigh* The life of a full time working mama.

  • do the dishes(they are ALWAYS there)
  • laundry… honestly this should be on my list at least one time for each of the piles in my house…. so about 6???
  • look at applications for work.. just lost a few, time to hire a few
  • schedule verifications to replace the 4 crew trainers we lost. I am gonna be below my target and THAT is a NO GO
  • update my enthusiasm board for work
  • plan Kyrie’s 1st Birthday party.. I keep putting this off. I’m running outta time. Her birthday is the 30th
  • clean the kid’s room… I am not here to enforce the “clean up” policy I keep trying to make successful
  • update Kyrie’s baby book (why did I think it was a good idea to make my OWN baby book for a second child? I didn’t have time with one kid, why would I with 2?)
  • draft a few blogs ahead in this alphabet challenge and what not so I don’t feel so rushed to complete them when I get home (don’t get me wrong I LOVE blogging… I prolly blog TOO much.)
  • get some of the 15 zillion boxes of baby clothes I have posted on craigslist
  • make time to read one of my 20 new books.
  • psh… make time in general.
  • make routines for work, so I stop running outta time to get things done.
  • update crew assignments in RDM before the new month is created
  • also update cleanliness tasks and pm tasks soon
  • finishing reading my Cosmo magazine.. that is if the kids haven’t ripped it to shreds yet.
  • cut out my favorite things and put them in my comp book… I haven’t done this is a LONG time
  • go to sleep…. I never seem to make time for this.
  • change the cat box
  • stop making to do lists… AND GET IT DONE!!!

I think I might start with the go to sleep task.. that sounds pretty good right now.

OH! update! Just found out my husband is getting off work early, and will be home in an hour. Now I gotta stay up and wait for him. I guess I will start stocking myself up on some of those drafts for my blogs. =)


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