This is why we can’t have nice things:

We have kids. We have a family. We have a dog. We both work full time jobs.

Our house is always a mess, the never ending laundry of pile that is often spoke of in parenting blogs is VERY much a truth, and the dog is always chewing things up. Kyrie likes to rip up papers, and magazines and anything else she can’t get her hands on. Zander likes to make sure his toys are dispersed around the house so there is ALWAYS a toy within arms reach. I am terrible about putting my clothes in the dirty hamper, I leave my shoes wherever I finally get a chance to kick them off, and waste far too much time blogging instead of cleaning. Josh likes to leave his cups and bottles of drinks anywhere and everywhere, which the kids are happy to get into. He also is bad about leaving clothes everywhere but the hamper. Honestly, we buy nice things. We own nice things. But between a dog and a cat and two full time kids with three more part time… our house looks like we feel: we live in a zoo. It is embarrassing at times. Our sitters see the horrible mess we leave, the stack of dishes in the sink, the toys scattered on every inch of the carpet. The trash is overflowing, the table is full of papers and bowls and toys(the toys never end). The couch has a dirty pair of socks wedged in the cushions, the dog chewed up another flip flop and the foam chunks are scattered about. The bath is emptied but still filled with squeeze toys and wash clothes and a few stray hot wheels. The toilet paper has been unrolled AGAIN by our cat. Yes, that is my sweater draped over the rocking chair, and yes those are the clean diapers our kids unloaded from the diaper bag last night. We are tired. We are busy. And our housework gets the brunt of the neglect. But you know what, we make time for our kids. We take Zander to the library, let Kyrie crawl all over us like the jungle gym she clearly thinks we are. We play games with them, take them out on the trampoline in the backyard. We read bedtime stories and TRY to teach our kids they should pick up toys when they are done playing. We make time for FAMILY> And that is why we can’t have nice things. And really, what is wrong with that?


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