H is for Happiness Challenge

Doing the #100HappyDays challenge seemed like a good way to keep up with the thankfulness that I have said, in many blogs, is easy to forget. I have thankful Thursdays once a week where I post three things I am thankful for. I try to focus on the good, and not let the bad overwhelm me. Remember how wonderful my life is and how blessed I am to be where I am today. Doing the happiness challenge was just one more way to keep up on that. (You can read more about it here —–> http://100happydays.com/) I strongly encourage anyone to sign up for this. It has made me realize how many little things I overlook everyday, and how many bad things I tend to focus on.
One of the major benefits of that is the mood change it gives you. I have woke up grumpy, been mad cauz Lexi chewed up a brand new toy we just bought, had a terrible day at work… you name it. But with this challenge, I am forced to analyze my day. To look for the little things that made me smile. And it is never just one thing that I find. There are multiple things, and although I always narrow it down to one, the smile on my face is there because of EVERYTHING that I remember. My mood changes, I am happier and less likely to get irritated. Which in turn, makes me a better mom, a better wife, and MUCH less harsher on my self. I think it is making a difference in how I view everyday life. And although it is only for 100 days, I think I may continue to do it for myself long after the challenge has ended. I tried once, not too long ago to journal three things I am grateful for everyday. I love writing and I have gotten terrible about doing it since I became a mom. And now that I blog, it has become even more sparse. Maybe a happy thought day would be a good way to hold myself accountable to write, and I could even make it creative and do a art journal kind of theme with it all.
At any rate, in honor of the #100HappyDays challenge, here are some pictures that didn’t make the cut in my past 12 days of this challenge. Little things to smile for, but like Pooh once said, “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”


Zander opening his mystery book from the library. He loves his books.



These trees are so gorgeous. Everytime I see one they make me smile.



I love being on the road. Although this was just a short drive to Swan Falls Dam, I still love looking out the window and seeing road flying past.



Everyday is better with Dutch Bros.



There is seriously a place called this. It just made it on to my “must eat here list”, not to mention I laughed out loud when I saw it.



Josh is such an amazing father, I love watching him with the kids. And they love crawling all over him.



This dog drives me crazy, multiple blogs have brought that up, but I love that my kids are growing up with animals in the house. Kyrie loves being near Lexi(dog) or Razzle(cat) at all times.



I mentioned in my happy post, but Zander crawled all the way to the top of this thing by himself!


100 Follows!!! How awesome is that!


100 posts! I can’t believe I have written that much.


4 responses to “H is for Happiness Challenge

  1. I agree what a way to lift your spirits, im so glad we did this challenge as much fun as I have looking for my own pic of the day I look even more forward to seeing what made you happy. That makes me happy 😉

  2. Every Friday, I do a post called “Friday Fun.” Each day during the week, I write down things that made me smile that day and save the draft until it is Friday and post the whole week’s post. It really helps me to see the good, instead of just the bad.

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