#100HappyDays: Day 13

#100HappyDays: Day 13

Today we got to have a playdate with my best friend, Mariesa and her son, Gannon. Gannon is a little younger than Zander and a little older than Kyrie. I am entirely confident they will all either grow up to be best friends or hate each other’s guts. Either way they will be forced to know each other, cauz their Moms have a forever sorta friendship. The whole may to Mariesa’s house Zander would repeat after me. Me: “Wanna go play with Gannon?” Zander: “Pway. Annin?” It was pretty darn cute, and I think the two of them learned a good little lesson in sharing tonight. Gannon would take his toy, he would ask for it back and say please (most of the time) and Gannon would hand it back (most of the time) and Zander would say thank you (most of the time). And Kyrie walked with the walking toy! She ZOOMED across that living room. I love watching them all play together. Here’s to many more playdates to come!


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