#100HappyDays: Day 14

#100HappyDays: Day 14

This one was almost forgotten (hence the empty cup) but a coworker reminded me to post it. I was very tired today. After an unsuccessful try at a short nap before work, (imagine a little girl poking you in the eye, taking your phone, turning off the x box, pulling your hair…. etc.) I knew I needed a little boost. It didn’t help that I received a call 2 hours before I was scheduled with the manager in charge begging me to help her figure out what to do because it had “been so crazy all day” and she “didn’t know where to put the people or how to get the breaks out.” I knew for sure I was heading into a crazy, drain the life outta ya sorta day. Plus, I closed. (meaning I don’t get off work till 2 am) So, I bought the largest Moxaccino I could at Moxie Java and had them add a shot of espresso. I then rolled down my window, blasted one of my mix CDS (Amazing Mix #3) and jammed out till I got to work. I think he helped me keep my sanity, but I should also give credit to the awesome people I closed with. They worked their tails off!

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