L is for the Living with Little Ones

This is a continuation of a previous blog. To see #1-20 click here —-> https://pm11887.wordpress.com/2013/11/08/trials-of-being-a-parent-1-20/

Trials of Being A Parent #21-30

Trial #21: Forget the sock stealing monster in the dryer, what about the swiper of sippy cups? No matter how many I buy, they just keep disappearing.
Trial #22: Knowing you need to get started on potty training, but not being able to work up the courage. At least he knows the word poopie and pee.
Trial #23: You yell out “Oh crap!” one time, and the kid decides to be a parrot for the next two hours.
Trial #24: The laundry NEVER ends. Seriously, it’s like it grows overnight. And don’t even get me started on the dishes.
Trial #25: You know when its bath time you would be better off wearing your swimsuit. Because although you don’t get in the tub, you still manage to become soaking wet by the time the kids are dried off, lotioned up and in jammies.
Trial #26: You can only watch the same movie/tv show or listen to the same song so many times before you wanna rip your hair out, or at least glue your ears shut. But your kid?? It’s like they’ve never seen it before.
Trial #27: How is it that they have a HUGE room and tons of playing space, yet all their toys still end up in the living room? Or the bathroom? Or even the kitchen? Anywhere but the bedroom really.
Trial #28: Be prepared for three or more years of constant claustrophobia… seriously. They never leave your side.
Trial #29: You find yourself thinking “the hot wheel car he wants is really only 97 cents” when he is having a melt-down in the middle of the store. Sometimes you stick to your guns, and sometimes you realize an occasional bribe is necessary for sanity. So take THAT parenting magazines.
Trial #30: Sharing. Seriously this is RIDICULOUS! If you can’t fit any more toys in your arms, don’t you think just MAYBE your sister can play with one little car?


The two little terrors that keep me on my toes and make sure life is never boring:


Kyrie and Zander.


2 responses to “L is for the Living with Little Ones

  1. Everyone talks about the terrible two’s, I also had the tiresome but terrific three’s, fearsome and funloving fours, frightful and fantastic fives!

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