Kyrie’s Month


This little girl stood by herself on the 3rd of this month, and has been so close to walking since then. She almost took a full step several times since then, but came the closest on the 10th. I think this was because on the 9th she used a walking toy and zoomed from one side of the room to the next. She definitely has the walking down, it’s just a matter of working up the courage to do it. That, and I think she is perfectly content with the speed and ease crawling gets her places, so why change it now? She certainly loves standing up and bouncing, especially on the trampoline. She also knows how to squat without losing her balance, even when she moves back into a sitting position. Mostly, I just don’t wanna miss seeing her first steps, so I was really hoping she would take them during one of my two days off, but so far it is not happening. So maybe this is one of those milestones I will have to miss, and beat myself up about it for a bit. (Till I convince myself it’s not a big deal. It’s not a one time thing. I will get to see her walk for the rest of my life.)


This little girl’s mouth is SOOOO full of teeth, it’s ridiculous. It seems like everytime she opens her mouth to laugh, there is a new one. At first she had one on top and two on bottom, with a second one growing in alongside the top one. Now she has at least four on top, if not more (she is not very cooperative when it comes to looking inside her mouth, so this is all deduced from stolen sneak peeks as she is laughing or screaming or yawning.) and I believe four more on the bottom. I know they say not to compare your kids, but with Zander he was right around a year old when he got his first tooth, so seeing so many teeth in a baby that is approaching her 1st birthday just seems odd. She still doesn’t have a lot of hair, and with the clothes we put her in, it is easy for her to be confused for a boy. So we decided to buy some headbands. She actually seems to like them for the most part, maybe this won’t be the battle I though it would be.


I can’t believe her first birthday is right around the corner, she just doesn’t seem that old yet. We have a pretty simple party planned, but I am really looking forward to watching her eat her own cake with her fingers. Not to mention we got her a pretty cool, big gift (it will be shared with her brother) and although she isn’t old enough to get super excited about it, her small gifts will be a big hit. I am mostly looking forward to having a day with family and friends. It seems like I am not so great about making time for that, and although we recently had a playdate with Mariesa and Gannon, Kyrie doesn’t see many other kids besides her siblings. I am sure she will love all the attention. She is definitely a girl in that aspect. Now if only there wasn’t any planning to fit in between my job and taking care of kids…. and the cleaning. Bleh, always with the cleaning.


Anyways, I started a journal for Kyrie last night. I always loved the idea of keeping something for your child to read when they get older. I lean more towards a one sentence a day journals, I bought a pretty notebook last night and decided that is what I would use it for. Now I just have to get one for Zander. I also need to get caught up on the Smashbook I am making Kyrie’s baby book. Maybe I will post some pictures of that sometime this week. It actually is turning out pretty cool, it is just very time consuming.


Kyrie is growing up, right along with her brother. I feel like these years are gonna fly by so fast and I will be missing so much, but I suppose that is part of Motherhood. I will just cherish the moments while I can, laugh and cry when I need to and know that someday I will miss these crazy, hectic days. But this is our life, organized chaos (light on the organization, heavy on the chaos) and I love every minute of it.





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