Focus on the Good

Thankfulness… Seems to be a central theme in my life lately. What with every Thursday being Thankful Thursday, and everyday posting a picture for the 100 Days Of Happiness Challenge. (more information here: Not to mention almost every letter in my A-Z challenge has been about love and all the amazing things in my life: my kids, my husband, the best parts of my days, etc. I would say I am doing pretty good about focusing on the good, and I am feeling a little happier. When I get down, all I have to do is look back at all these posts and see just how lucky I am. And here’s to one more!


Family: My children are slowly starting to learn how to play together, or a least play in the same room with separate toys without attempting to kill each other. And today, Zander caught Kyrie playing with his Lego cars and he didn’t even react, he just turned around and kept playing with his animals. It was amazing. Let’s just hope it is here to stay.

Life: The nice weather had made it a lot more possible to do family things lately. If this wind ever dies down, we can actually start taking some more family walks and playing in the backyard. I bought a treat for some good weather days at the store recently. Can’t wait till we get to use it.

Work: My RDM scorecard is staying above 80% pretty regularly. It is such a nice relief to not feel that dread in the bottom of your stomach when you see that low score on BRD day. I feel like I am getting better about having a routine for some of it and that is why it is so much easier to get more things done.


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