O is for Origami Owl


I found this site through a blog while randomly searching for something to read, or a new blogger to follow. I feel in love. I haven’t ordered myself one yet, mostly because I can’t quite bring myself to spend money on a necklace when I know how terrible I am about wearing them often enough to be worth it… but I think I may break down and buy one eventually.

I had a blast looking through the charms that go inside, and I narrowed it down to these:

50c2522d-9a7a-4f02-80ab-eb1b11074a4e 73788518-1964-4238-926d-629417aa1f59 d916f24b-1e70-4a97-afd1-150a7d188a65 e040bdba-b463-45f8-9b75-e5b1c1a478e4 e90d4a2d-b457-4039-8007-6e1e560d238c


Which ones would you chose?


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