P is for Potty Training

It’s not even that this is such a daunting task, or that I am procrastinating it that badly. It’s more of a “HOW IN THE HELL AM I GONNA DO THIS WHILE I WORK A FULL TIME JOB!!!???” kinda thing. Potty training takes routines and persistence. We never have the same babysitter, my schedule is never set, there is no ROOM for routine in our house. We just barely mastered the routine of making Zander brush his teeth before he goes to bed… and I am still pretty sure that only happens when I am home. I have actually considered taking a week vacation just to get this started, but the thoughts of what I would face upon my return to work…. horrifying. I would watch all the groundwork and routines and steps forward I had made slide backwards right back to the beginning. I already can’t manage to keep up on laundry, imagine adding piles of peed on pants and underwear and blankets to that mix…. and the frustration. I am already frustrated by the THOUGHT of potty training. Zander deserves more than a fed up Mama trying to impatiently teach him how to use the big boy potty. This is important for him. It is supposed to be a time of learning and celebration. Not tears and anger and frustration. I do not have the perseverance needed to tackle such a huge task at the moment. And no matter how selfish that may sound, potty training will just have to wait for now. I won’t put it off forever, but at least till I can get a plan together that will somehow work with our chaotic life.


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