Happy Easter

Yesterday we dyed Easter eggs. Zander had SO much fun, and said “Tank Oo!” after each egg was dropped into a cup of dye or taken out. He would get impatient if I tried to make any of them more than one color, and would say, “NOOOO! DOWN!” and point at the egg carton for me to put it away. In his eyes, one dip and it was time to move on to a new egg. He was heartbroken when we made it through all the eggs, and his tears were genuine. But we got him calmed down and put to bed, after which Daddy and I continued on with Easter preparations. Due to a memory gap (most likely from exhaustion…) it took us a long time to locate the plastic eggs we had bought for the egg hunt. We found them though, and proceeded to stuff them with candy, and goodies and a few money eggs as well. Once those were all done, we finished up the Easter baskets and very happily climbed crawled into bed.

This morning, we fought through the sleepiness and managed to crawl outta bed after only a few snooze buttons. Zander and Kyrie started off the morning with a small Easter egg hunt in the living room with just the dyed eggs from the night before. Zander had a blast, and was once again heart broken when it was over. We pacified him with a few empty plastic eggs in his red pail. Once we all packed into the car for church, Daddy and I treated ourselves to some Moxie Java (much needed coffee) and then we were on our way.

Church started off with a big group breakfast. It was fantastic to see everybody that I haven’t seen in a while. I haven’t been able to go since I have been working almost every Sunday. I enjoyed seeing all the kids I used to care for in the nursery, and WOW! have some of them grown!! Kyrie devoured the bacon and ham part of the breakfast 9we have a meat lover on our hands) and Zander had a blast running around with all the kids and playing. He was usually trailing his green blanket behind him, and I found myself constantly reminded of Linus from Peanuts. (Although he could be a Pig Pen too….) I also got to catch up a little woth Betsy, who I haven’t seen in FOREVER!!! It was nice to just have some social time with friends and family. After breakfast, we headed upstairs to start the Easter egg hunt for the little kids. Kyrie wasn’t too interested, but Zander is very quickly catching on to the whole Easter egg thing. He had his pail pretty full. McKayla, one of Betsy’s girls, was even sweet enough to give him a few more when she saw that she had a little more than him. One of those heart warming moments. (Those girls are so sweet, Betsy is a fantastic mom, and it shows.)

During the church service, I had a very hard time fighting off the sleepiness, but I did enjoy actually sitting in on a service. I’m usually working in the nursery. In fact, I think today was the first service I have ever actually seen. The whole message was naturally about Easter, and the fact that Christ had risen. I’m no bible buff, I don’t pretend to be something I am not. I am not even really sure how much the message impacted me, as far as my spiritual level goes. But something I did take away from it was this: In life it is not about what you understand, it is about what you believe. Understanding can come later, it is your job to decide what YOU believe and what you want to do with that belief. In reality, Easter is about so much more than just the story of Christ rising. It is about new beginnings, and that can be about so much more than just religion. Something that was discussed at length today was what it means to be spiritually dead. It was defined as no longer striving for self improvement. No longer striving to live a better life. This touched me on a deeper level then the rest of the message. I am in a slump. I feel like I am so busy and stretched thin that no part of my life is getting the best version of me. I don’t have time to ASSESS what I could do better, let alone actually put a plan of action into place to achieve the end goal. I think I need to step back and do some serious thinking, because I am so exhausted lately. I don’t wanna go through life in a fog. I deserve better than that, my kids deserve better than that, my husband deserves better than that. Today he even purchased one of the Easter lilies for me, and it was listed in the bulletin as in honor of our first year of marriage. We celebrate one year in August, and I am so blessed to have such an amazing man to call my own. I am loved, and I will never doubt that.

But off the serious topics, the rest of Easter day was pretty nice. We got the older kids later in the afternoon, and handed out the Easter baskets. (I realize now that I never took pictures before they were torn apart by the kids… I really AM tired.) The all seemed to love their baskets. Kyrie was pushing her ball all around, although she did later decide that the cars from her brother’s basket were the coolest thing ever. Zander enjoyed using his new Color Wonder fingerpainting set, and, of course, the candy. Madison was quick to put on one of her moustaches, but I didn’t get the chance to snap a picture in the haste to get the egg hunt ready. Walker was properly disgusted, yet entertained with the “Poop” dough we bought him. (seriously, go look this stuff up, it is disgusting and entirely hilarious.) Allason already used her cookie baking set, and even let Zander help. After the Easter egg hunt out back, we enjoyed some pulled pork for dinner and the kids let Josh and I take a little nap. Unfortunately, Josh had to work tonight (ANOTHER two days off where we don’t have it off together) but I will still enjoy the night with the kids. In fact, as soon as I finish this blog (I am being constantly asked if I am almost done), we are gonna pop some popcorn and watch a movie on Netflix.

Overall, today was a good day. Imma finish off my blog with some pictures from today. Hope everyone else enjoyed the beautiful day today. Easter or not, a family day is always a good day.



Zander’s first Easter egg!



Kyrie’s first Easter egg!

IMG_1160 IMG_1161 IMG_1163


The first, and only, egg Kyrie found in our morning hunt.

IMG_1172 IMG_1174 IMG_1177


It was nice to see Betsy again, it has been awhile.


The Easter Lily Josh bought me!


Zander’s first finger painting creation. I helped out at first, to show him how to use it, but then he took off! He loves it.


4 responses to “Happy Easter

  1. Love you so much baby was so glad for the time we did get together just wish we still were in low census tonight so I could have got off early 😦 miss you and see you soon!

  2. I am so glad that you got something from that message. That part really hit me too. If you ever want to talk to someone about that stuff, I am here. I may not have answers, but I can find them. 😉 And I loved catching up. We still have more to discuss! Seriously!

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