S is for Sick

Kyrie is sick tonight. Running a fever of about 103. I keep going to check on her, terrified that she will have quit breathing or be burning up even worse. She seemed so delirious when I got home, staring off into space, randomly screaming BA BA BA in a high-pitched, yet happy voice, reaching out for my face over and over again. I am worried she won’t even realize if she gets herself wrapped up in a blanket. There are so many horrors that parents could come face to face with. They happen every day. SID’s, negligent babysitters, infants choking, etc. The list goes on and on and on. It is enough to make my palms sweat, my throat get all dry and my heart pound. I think Imma go check on her one more time…


2 responses to “S is for Sick

  1. Its one of the signs of a good mother. As they get older, you never quite get over that fear. There are still so many things that could go wrong.

  2. I know how you feel and it will always be this way – it’s part of Mommyhood. I try to remain calm -pretend – as much as possible so my daughter doesn’t freak out. It’s a work in progress. But I am always checking up on her when she is running a fever and at night I usually put her in bed with me so I can have a peace of mind.

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