T is for Talking Toddler


Zander has quite the vocabulary now, and I am expecting Kyrie to be chiming in with a few words here in the next few months. Right now she has only mastered the high pitched squeal and constant babbling of mostly ba ba bas and na na nas.
As for Zander, here are a few of his most used phrases and/or words:

  • “Tank you.”
  • “I’m Welcome.”
  • “cookie”
  • “candy”
  • “oclate” (chocolate)
  • “NO KYRIE!”
  • “LEXI, NO!”
  • “nack” (snack)
  • “k.” (This is a response for anything and everything, from a question, to I love you)
  • “book.”
  • “teeth” (brush my teeth)
  • “blankie”
  • “help!”
  • “mama, I’m ungy” (hungry)
  • “mama, I’m tirsty” (thirsty)
  • “I wan milk/water/ juice”
  • “cup”
  • “voom” (vroom, an occasional alternative to car)
  • “play”
  • “I uv you” (this one is rare)
  • “stinky” (poopy, bubbles is occasionally used as the word pee, since my husband pointed out the bubbles in the toilet while Zander was watching him pee)
  • “amimal” (animal)
  • “ya go” (here ya go)
  • “Walker, Ally, Kyrie” (siblings names)
  • “pwease”
  • “stop”
  • “hi”
  • “all done” (occasionally all gone is used too)
  • “I wan some pwease”
  • “I’m comeen” (I’m coming)
  • “I wan down/up” (he occasionally still gets these two mixed up sometimes)
  • “see?”
  • “I drop it!” (I dropped it)
  • “this fun!”
  • “two, GO!” (I usually start with “one”, and he finishes it for me)



His ability to put sentences together is growing everyday, as well as the words he understands and is able to use. There are still occasionally some I just can’t understand, like the one he has been using lately that starts with an F and has to do with something in the pantry. (Not food, it’s two syllables) Last night he said owie for the 1st time and that was heartbreaking.  I look forward to hearing new words come out of his mouth and watching him learn to communicate what he wants, needs and feels… I just love hearing his little voice, especially when he sings.

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